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[16 DOA] Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 1


          “It can never happen to me. I love him too much. He’s educated. I am educated. He doesn’t want to become his father. I will NEVER become his mother. He chose me, right? I chose him, didn’t I?

          Can’t happen, can it? Wouldn’t happen again, would it? Didn’t happen, did it?”

          I wrote these words on 20th March, 2005. And today is 25th November 2013, my 15th wedding anniversary. It is also the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

          What better day to shrug off years of denial and acknowledge that I have been a victim of domestic violence? And, what better day to celebrate that I am now on a journey to become a survivor instead?

          In the coming days, I am going to take you on a journey. A journey with red flags I missed, and red flags I chose to miss. A journey with milestones I have crossed. There are many more challenges to face before I’m home with my safety, security and dignity intact. It’s not been easy and it won’t be for quite some more time. Reclaiming yourself never is. But, it needs to be done.

          And I need to be heard. Whether you believe me or not. Whether you judge me or not. Because, I am not alone. You are not alone.


          About the Author: Sukanya Das writes columns and contributes articles for leading magazines and newspapers when she gets time off from playing mom to her 6-year-old son. She gets panic attacks if she finds herself without a book and cannot imagine life without dancing.


          One Response to [16 DOA] Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 1

          1. Being a health care provider for women, I believe Sukanya’s expression of the truth is an utmost necessity that the world needs today to STOP /challenge/ Prevent any sort of violence that women face today. It is alarmingly depressing to still encounter such atrocities. But the truth though harsh , is that human behavior is still so primitive. I wish all women could speak up! A big responsibility for parents with BOYS!!

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