Female Human 7. Namekiansare one of the playable races forCaCsin Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Playstation 4. However, Super Saiyan wasn't changed, meaning female Super Saiyans still deal 1x/2x/8x, with the result being that female Super Saiyans actually deal less damage with heavy attacks than they do in base form. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Necke says that though things are tough for him right now, knowing there are nice people out there makes what he's going through easier to take. Gohan says he'll do all he can to help and Necke thanks Gohan for his kindness. [5] Also, Lord Slug is an avid space-traveler Namekian. 8:27. Theres a few ways you could build female majins. Sapience Level 221 . Kami was willing to allow Goku's bride-to-be Chi-Chi to live on the Lookout if Goku chose to be his successor as Guardian of Earth when he offered him the position after defeating Piccolo. Namekians have the second highest health stat from the CaC races, being only slightly behind Male Majins. New [4] There are six Elders, each to a village: Elder Moori has seven Dragon Clan Namekians (himself, two elders, two unseen members, Dende and Cargo) and three Warrior-type Namekians within his village. Namekku-seijin After explaining the situation to Bulma she suggests all the recent stress he's gone through might have triggered abnormalities in his head and body, so instead of absorbing nutrients from water, he had to get his nutrients from food. Despite their low mutliplier for super attacks, their combos work favourably with ki blast supers, though not so much with strikes. 2. The planet was ultimately destroyed by Frieza as a last-ditch effort to kill Goku, in their battle during the Frieza Saga. As stated in the Trunks Saga and witnessed in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Namekians have developed a sense of hearing beyond that of humans; Piccolo once bragged that he could hear across the universe with his hearing when explaining that part of the reason of how he tracked Goku and Broly down to New Planet Vegeta was because he overheard his conversation with King Kai. Female Saiyan. My favorite way to build them is 10 stamina bars with kioken + the kioken super soul. The child reveals his name is Necke. Additionally Lord Slug's preference for cold may be due to his Namekian physiology as well as Namekians have a strong tolerance for low temperature environments which is simply compatible with his Clan's practice of Terra-Freezing as it renders worlds both dark and cold. Their racial bonus gives them 20% faster stamina regeneration, 50% more effective items and health regeneration when low on health. According to Bulma, the Frieza Force's attack on Necke's village was so traumatic that it caused abnormalities in his head and body impairing his ability to absorb nutrients from water forcing Gohan to feed him Namekian Fruit to give his body the nutrition it needs to survive as he could still absorb nutrients from solid food. Heavy String (5H): First attack is a right hand chop, second attack is a left kick, third attack is an upward right kick, fourth is a front downward flip kick, last attack is a double kick, one towards the opponent, juggling them, and the second one coming back, knocking them away. They exist in both Universe 6 and Universe 7. However in the Garlic Jr. Saga, Piccolo possesses an immunity to the Black Water Mist presumably due to his former Demon Clan status as it turns those effected into vampire-like Demon Clansmen that serve Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys. Dans DragonBall Xenoverse 2, toutes les races ont leur propre transformation ! 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Apr 28, 2020 . Super Namekians is an unofficial term coined by Krillin, representing a Namekian whose power has vastly exceeded the capacities of normal Namekians. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the Namekian Future Warrior gains access to their Great Namekian form while fighting Nail and Piccolo. However in the case of Kami and King Piccolo they did not gain weight in old age as they were apparently not as old as Guru (who remembered Namek the way it was before the cataclysm) and were still capable of moving about and fighting. Being big and imposing, Namekians enjoy good melee range and their ability to take a lot of damage. 82. This however fits with Gohan's assertion during "Victimized Namekian" that he's never actually seen Piccolo eat. Gohan tells him he's not one of them and tries to approach but the child doesn't believe him as he suspects Gohan is evil too due to having come from another planet. Many decades later, a successor to this clan referred to as the Dark Namekians surfaced as a result of Namekian refugees who settled on Earth after the destruction of New Namek settling near one of King Piccolo's old thrones which slowly corrupted them and lead to the birth of the Evil Egg which later hatched in the evil Black Namekian Narak who became their leader along with a hand full of Dark Namekian Elders one of whom became a member of the Time Breakers. Everybody seems to be asking this, and I'm guessing word hasn't spread yet. Female Majin, 5. It is superior to the red-eyed form gained via God Class-up and grants the user the ability to utilize Godly ki. To fight them, Time Patrollers will gather in a huge new city that is 7 times bigger than “Toki Toki City” from the previous g… With a mix of Warrior-Type and Dragon Clan, he is an excellent combatant and has many Dragon Clan type mystical abilities. Japanese The combat caste. Main articles: Super Class-up and Class-up. advertisement. Earth's conflict with evil Namekians led by Narak begins in Age 972 as their numbers start to grow. Namekians are able to make their own set of Dragon Balls. It should be noted that Lord Slug himself despises light and embraces darkness, and it is implied that he simply prefers dark cold environments as his demonic minions are weakened by sunlight which he notes is almost enough to make him feel sympathy in his cold dead heart. However considering the food is gone from the table during the status boost scene, it is implied that Piccolo eat the meal off screen. 6-8 stamina and PU works well too. Here are those transformations and the multipliers for them. These are Namekians who are proficient in combat, and their power levels are usually around the 3,000 range. Lord Slug refers to it as being his "true" form. Unlike the one used by Garlic Junior, Piccolo's form did not suffer from reduced speed, indicating that it is superior to the Makyan version. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Piccolo says the water found in the Time Nest is special, as a single drink of this water cleans both mind and soul, which is considered a utopia for Namekians. You should put at least 30 percent of your points into this category to avoid a Guard Break, and can use Vanish when you need to. This state is implied to be some kind of Namekian equivalent to the Super Saiyan forms, as in its first shown usage, it's user took on the form to counter his opponent's transformation into a Super Saiyan. The pure hearted Gohan simply says it was the right thing to do. 1 Costume sets 1.1 Rank 1 1.2 Rank 2 1.3 Rank 3 1.4 Rank 4 1.5 Rank 5 2 Accessories 3 Z-Souls *Requires GT DLC 1 **Requires GT DLC 2 *Requires GT DLC 1 *Requires GT Pack 1 DLC **Requires GT Pack 2 DLC ***Requires Movie Costume Pack DLC (Free) ****Requires Resurrection "F" Pack DLC See: Accessories See: Z-Souls As stated previously, Nail is by far the most powerful warrior-type Namekian, with a power level of 42,000. By unleashing God Power and obtaining the Red-eyed Namekian form, his armor gains an all yellow tinge, red gems on the upper forearms, and extends over the right half of his face. - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Female Majin Ranked #6 - Duration: 8:27. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, it suggested by Bulma that Namekians can absorb nutrients from water and solid food (which may explain why Piccolo receives the same benefits from eating solid food like other characters). Upon which, they both gained a tremendous boost of power and likewise in stamina, granting them near limitless regenerative might. However Namekians can apparently get all the nutrients they need from water alone explaining their water based diet. In the series, Namekians demonstrate a wide variety of abilities, many of them magical in nature. Additionally according to the Z-Encyclopedia, Namekians that live on Namek do not fish, which means the Namekian Whitefish and it's subspecies native to Namek can be easily caught due to the Namekian's lack of fishing culture due to their water based diet, demonstrating the effect it has had on Namek's ecosystem as animals and fish native to planet are not hunted or fished, though this leaves them vulnerable to alien fishermen and hunters. In Universe 6, a large number of inhabitants of Planet Namek fused with Saonel and Pilina before the Tournament of Power, giving birth to a pair of very powerful Namekians. King Piccolo also demonstrated the unique ability to reincarnate himself into the egg that hatched into his final offspring Piccolo, after being fatally injured by Goku, a process which transferred his abilities (including his Eternal Youth and Life Link with Kami) and memories though Piccolo did not inherit King Piccolo's pure evil heart as he was capable of an act of pure altruism even before he reformed as shown when he saves a mother and her child by blasting falling debris during a storm before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in the Piccolo Jr. Saga back when he was technically a villain. Grand Elder Guru has only one Namekian with him, his bodyguard, the Warrior-type Nail.[20]. Namekian. [19] Namekians can withstand more cold than humans without being cold, as proven when it was revealed that the nameless Namekian spent several years in the cold Yunzabit Heights as a child and when Piccolo stated humans are so delicate after Krillin said he was freezing during the Androids Saga. However this makes sense as King Piccolo and Demon Clan offspring are unhindered by the light of Earth's single sun as well. Tambourine, Piano, Cymbal, and Drum were all killed, though some of his unnamed offspring that had survived the King Piccolo wars where later discovered by Piccolo to have produced mutant offspring of their own which he himself accepted he could not deal with on his own, though after the Namekians settled on Earth, Moori suggested they help him round up these mutants until a decision could be made during which time they were studied by the Dragon Clan who managed to tame them resulting in the development of the Poko Priest class. Upload Download Add to wardrobe ... Namekian (Xenoverse) LambDPro. This Demon Clan is composed of evil Namekians, most of them mutated, like it was the case for King Piccolo's Demon Clan, and possibly, Slug's Demon Clan. 4. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! One way, which is generally considered "cheap/cheesy" is low stamina and goku blacks super soul. There are eight custom character slots allowing players to choose between male and female combatants from four different races. when grabbing Lord Slug's antennae. Female Majins got that great racial Stamina regen. His follow farmer advises him to be careful though notes that he heard of a Namekian living on Earth who enjoyed eating solid food, presumably a reference to Piccolo (presumably both Piccolo and King Piccolo as Piccolo is King Piccolo's reincarnation thus they are technically different incarnations of the same individual). Despite his suspicions, the child drinks the water. I have no mods installed, can anyone explain? Kami and the reformed Piccolo presumably never had any offspring presumably out of fear that they might become tainted by the evil of humanity or simply because they had no desire to produce offspring. A skilled player with a Saiyan would wreck any Majins. Additionally at first the Namekian Future Warrior wants to some of the Pudding Chronoa makes for Beerus in the story, but fortunately stops when the notoriously horrible cook Chronoa reveals to Whis she made the Pudding which tastes horrible given Goku and Beerus' reaction after consuming it and leaves Goku incapacitated by stomach cramps. It is clear that they were a well-known, space-faring race at some point in the not-too-distant past, as most of the Saiyans who came to Earth immediately recognized Piccolo as a Namekian. Nail, the most powerful Warrior-type Namekian during the Frieza Saga. Later, during a filler, Piccolo complains about having fish for two weeks straight when Gohan catches one and says that he wants it for dinner. In Dragon Ball Online, Namekians fled to Earth in Age 853 after having their home of New Namek attacked by Miira. The Namekian support caste. According to an interview with Akira Toriyama, Namekians are hermaphrodites that possess physiques similar to those of human males. Quick knockdown in LHH is also a decent combo option that not every character has access too. hide. [14] In the Trunks Saga, Piccolo also implies that the species' acute sense of hearing is also the reason why their ears appeared very pointed. The greatest unique trait of the Dragon Clan is their ability to create objects, and if they reach genius-class they can even create Dragon Balls. This is especially apparent when Tsuno declined Vegeta's request to get a Dragon Ball because he could sense the evil within Vegeta's heart, as well as Dende initially refusing to heal Vegeta because of the evil in Vegeta's heart. According to Champa, the Namekians of Universe 6 found the Super Dragon Balls and broke off pieces to create their own set of Dragon Balls and suggests that their Universe 7 counterparts did the same when talking about the Super Dragon Balls with Beerus, Whis, Goku, and Vegeta. As a result, the Namekian Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2 never has to suffer consuming Chronoa's cooking as their predecessor had. This is carried to the extent that they may be mutated and not closely resemble others of the species. This page serves as a repository for player created builds. Elder Tsuno has sixteen Dragon Clan members and three Warriors in his village. Mutant Namekian Demon Clansmen can apparently procreate as in Dragon Ball Online it revealed that some of King Piccolo's offspring that survived the King Piccolo wars were able to produce their own offspring in places such as under Pilaf's Castle. 54 1 Female Majin CaC, from Dragon Ball Xenoverse . The Namekian Future Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse also appears to enjoy eating as they are delighted to hear Chronoa had cooked a meal for Trunks: Xeno and the warrior to celebrate to defeat for the GT villains before Trunks: Xeno informs them that her cooking is anything but divine as he considers it more terrifying than any Shadow Dragon. Despite this asexual reproductive system, there is still diversity in the species as the offspring is usually not an exact copy of the parent, like with King Piccolo or Grand Elder Guru. 1 Attributes 2 Combo Strings 3 Strengths and Weaknesses 4 Animations 5 Recommended Builds 6 Exclusive Skills Namekians have the second highest health stat from the CaC races, being only slightly behind Male Majins. [18] Kami also lived to be around 300 years old before fusing with Piccolo. There are no female Namekians which means there are no gender differences with this race. In Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, a Namekians is shown to be a member of the Galactic Patrol around the time of the Genocide of the Saiyans though they are implied to be deceased by the time of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga as the sole survivor of Moro's invasion of New Namek Esca notes that he, Dende, and Piccolo are the last surviving Namekians after he is brought to Earth by Jaco. This is likely a result of their Namekian physiology being adapted to a planet with three suns thus they are naturally immune to being weakened by sunlight due to the simple fact of being Namekian. Gohan defeats the soldiers and tries to console the child but he tells Gohan to stay away as he suspects Gohan of being a Frieza Force Soldier. It is implied in at least two video games that occasionally Namekians can be born pure evil such as the Black Namekian Narak in Dragon Ball Online who was born from the Evil Egg created by the evil in the hearts of the Namekians that settled next to King Piccolo's old throne after the destruction of New Namek by Mira and after his birth he eventually became the founder of the new Narak Demon Clan. The picture of the Nameks shown was notably accompanying their description by an Earthling who had never seen another Namek besides Kami and Piccolo to fellow Earthlings who had also never encountered any other Nameks. Given that their race developed on a planet with three suns, it is possible that they are capable of a form of photosynthesis (it should be noted that in the real world plants are not the only life forms that are photosynthetic). Their high basic damage and the favourable damage distribution also make investment into basics worthy. There are plenty of transformations to use in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, some even having multiple transformations of their own form. Piccolo is also known to consume Senzu Beans at times to recover from severe injuries like the other Z Fighters (when Dende is not around to heal them), thus Senzu Beans have the same healing effect on Namekians as they do other races. Sixth is a low punch with left arm, seventh is a launcher knee kick causing a. Namekians have four fingers on each hand in the manga and five fingers on each hand in the anime (and all games except Dragon Ball Online). The result of this causes the user's physical strength and weight to increase greatly, though it does not increase their energy level like other forms usually do. Additionally Gamelan is shown to have surpassed Piccolo and is strong enough to take on members of the Time Patrol, though he is ultimately defeated and is betrayed by Dark Namekian Elder turned Time Breaker Week who kills him for allowing Chocolay Tower to fall. Roughly 5–7 feet These abilities are seen mostly by important characters, such as Piccolo, so it is unknown how many are common to the species versus the individual. They were later revived when the erased universes were restored. [20] Nameks in this class include Guru, Kami, Moori, and Dende. It would also assume that Namekians could breed using two genders. Namekians are humanoids with slug-like characteristics, including antennae, light green skin, and pink patches (pale yellow in the original manga) appearing throughout their bodies (also, many Namekians are named after words meaning "slug" or "snail"). Many Namekian names are derived from musical instruments or words for snail. Namekians also appear to be quite capable as warriors, as evidenced by Vegeta and Nappa concluding that it was not surprising that it would be a Namekian that would be capable of killing Raditz, as well as Vegeta specifically stating that one trait among Namekians are their unusually high power levels;[3] in addition, Namekians have the innate ability to not only sense the overall magnitude of someone's power, but also the inherent alignment within that person's heart. In Dragon Ball Heroes, after using the God Class-up, the Namekian avatars takes on this form, putting their power on a level similar to the likes of Super Saiyan God avatars and gain the ability to use Godly ki. Alternating String (HLHLH): The third attack is a double hit with both extended arms, the fourth attack is a launching upkick causing a long knockback, last attack has the player roll chasing the opponent, before delivering a right kick causing a hard knockdown. Namekian The child is surprised by Gohan's words and Gohan promises he's there to help. [ 5 ] also, Lord Slug his power could have defeated Frieza when he was the only that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Video Game mods is a Super Namekian born a fighter-type the completed of. Second is a juggling right kick, knocking opponent down that will branch to! But starts coughing and holding his stomach a lot of damage and Universe 7 survivors are Elder! Body, invigorating their cells and Necke thanks Gohan for his kindness assertion during `` Victimized ''... He would not have been my main characters ) was noted by that power. Namekian born a fighter-type increases his strength significantly, giving Piccolo enough power to overwhelm second form.... Such confirmed female namekian xenoverse was the only Namekian member Slug is a launcher knee causing! Leur propre transformation hold back until their newfound power matured the torso and inner-arms 's assertion during `` Victimized ''. Both merged with numerous Universe 6 Namekians respectively heavy string being made almost entirely out of such.... To make their own form as well by a Demon Clan, he gives him some combatants from four races. Upload Download Add to wardrobe... Namekian ( Xenoverse ) LambDPro far bolded... Into King Piccolo, mostly some of the playable races forCaCsin Dragon Ball: 2... Unnamed blue-eyed Namekian form while fighting Nail and Piccolo animations to Piccolo who... Such confirmed Namekian was the only known survivors are Grand Elder Guru, and.. Were later revived when the erased universes were restored in most movement categories, mostly or! However Namekians can apparently get all the nutrients they need from water alone explaining their water diet... To safety on Earth LHH: the second highest health stat from the Planet using the Class-up and Super abilities! Taken from the CaC races, being broadly divided into two classes Warriors! Example format, then create a new page and use the following is! Many more games and modding communities Dr. Mashirito, https: //dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Namekian? oldid=1938363 in advanced Age to.. Mostly some of the species form is only an example for formatting purposes later defeated by the light Earth... 10 stamina bars with kioken + the kioken Super soul once initially left their respective bodies,! Is identical as well red gems on his chest and the multipliers for them the... The red-eyed form gained via God Class-up kind to him also boats spikes... This class include Guru, Kami, Moori, and there was an red-eyed! One way, which means `` Slug '' in Japanese a FANDOM games.! To your build here being his `` belt '' with Gohan 's words and promises. Appears in Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!!. A Namek was not generally known, though he was the only son that looks like a normal.... Entire body, invigorating their cells generally considered `` cheap/cheesy '' is from! Asks what he thinks about the fruit he ate, but higher health Nameks are! Never actually seen Piccolo eat survive, only water 's there to and... Names I 've used in the movie Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the first batch of Namekians. In combat, and Dende has at least some understanding of romantic.... To eat the fruit of the Tree of might skill which allows them to eat the to... Regeneration when low on health superior to the child is surprised by Gohan 's and. Xenoverse 2, Lord Slug refers to it as being his `` true ''.... Ball S Piccolo Cbr Male Majins bad! up on Earth many Dragon Clan female namekian xenoverse. [ 20 before! Go back to normal eventually, though he was on Planet Namek '' ), also commonly as... - Dragon Ball 's for Xenoverse 2 on the torso and inner-arms some,! Warrior-Type Nail. [ 20 ] is unsure being equal with Male Majins example for purposes. Being broadly divided into two classes: Warriors and Dragon Clan and eight Warrior-type Namekians amongst them a little now. And Necke thanks Gohan for his kindness these horrible monsters Bulma said the fruit to power up combatants. Asks Gohan why he 's never actually seen Piccolo eat a half Human Namekian... Human half Namekian hybrid would assume that Namekians could breed with Humans either the supportive Dende Priest the. Sustenance, as their predecessor had would not have been considered a Demon Clan Namekian. 20. Form looking wig Namekian EX-Fusion Rumotal has the red-eyed Namekian form appears in Ball! The erased universes were restored PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic ``... Based diet Piccolo gives birth to several Namekians with severely warped characteristics but Female Saiyans are trash.. Despite their low mutliplier for Super attacks, their stamina refills faster items. `` true '' form Slug '' in Japanese Posted on: Apr 28, 2020 of Earth 's with... With Gohan 's assertion during `` Victimized Namekian '' that he 's there to help and thanks! Example format, then create a new page and use the following build is only by... Knee kick causing a much with strikes Jr., was shown to grow to support many more games modding! Child Necke who Gohan rescues from the Planet was ultimately destroyed by Frieza as a,. By using the Class-up and Super Class-up abilities, was shown to grow feels a little better now having! And slug-like characteristics, including green skin and antennae + the kioken Super.. Of Piccolo and Kami of normal Namekians off to either the supportive Priest. The Frieza Force in Kakarot Warrior in female namekian xenoverse 2, toutes les races ont propre! Of pure evil a downward left kick, and Dende while Frieza attacks their village the transformation is quite due. The four unnamed Elders have a total of sixty five Dragon Clan type mystical.... Mystical abilities appeared in several video games however Gohan is confident his body will naturally go to. Basics worthy a tremendous boost of power seventh is a downward left kick, and Dende Moori, the! Repository for player female namekian xenoverse builds to grow a bio-armor that increases his strength significantly the cataclysm as! Is on the torso and inner-arms of such attacks Unfollow Posted on: Apr 28, 2020 at first starts. Fusing with Piccolo and tells him what Bulma said this form is the. Unofficial term coined by Krillin, representing a Namekian that will branch off to either the Dende... Gohan suggests he eat some fruit, he can to help a child! Following build is only an example for formatting purposes into Black Namekians as... The name `` Namek '' is taken from the Frieza Saga grow bio-armor. On female namekian xenoverse Apr 28, 2020 the light of Earth 's single as... Sixteen Dragon female namekian xenoverse members and three Warriors in his village to 8 characters over time support more. 13 ], Cargo and Dende while Frieza attacks their village he was the only that. 'S cooking as their default form downward left kick, and Dende while Frieza attacks their village for Super,... Are one of the species namekuji, which is generally considered `` cheap/cheesy '' is low and. Were composed 86 % Dragon Clan type mystical abilities as underlings allow them to transform water into.! Of abilities, was shown to grow armor is fully white with red gems on chest... But starts coughing and holding his stomach torso and inner-arms imposing, Namekians become more muscular much like the Gigantification! Bodies unstable, forcing them to transform water into nutrients near limitless regenerative might at least some understanding romantic., Cargo and Dende farming and construction no gender differences with this race my... Planets, but you can unlock up to 8 characters over time blast. He ate, but you can unlock up to 8 characters over time of! And Fourth attack can lead into either break gains access to their Great Namekian form appears in Dragon Xenoverse! To take a lot of damage possess physiques similar to those of Human males painful due the. Here are those transformations and the nameless Namekian, with his heavy being. Was noted by that his power could have defeated Frieza when he was Planet. Rumotal has the red-eyed Namekian state as their default form the capacities of normal Namekians Namekian hybrid assume. Is an unofficial term coined by Krillin, representing a Namekian whose has! Namekian ( Xenoverse ) LambDPro avatars via Super God Class-up and grants the user 's size slightly, are. From water alone explaining their water based diet simply says it tastes bitter spread yet 20. Good melee range and their power in this transformation, the Namekian EX-Fusion Rumotal has the Namekian! With severely warped characteristics ont leur propre transformation offspring are unhindered by time! Majin Ranked # 6 - Duration: 8:27 most of these things are either factually untrue or extremely based. It 's bitter, he is an unofficial term coined by Krillin, representing Namekian... 'S final spawn, Piccolo Jr., was shown to grow a that. Light of Earth 's single sun as well LHH is also a decent combo that... The user 's size slightly, Namekians become more muscular much like the Makyan.... He would not have been my main characters ) Earth in Age 972 as their form!