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16 Days of Activism

Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 3

“Get the f*** out of this house”. And she prepares to do just that. Because, salvaging her pride means showing him (and herself) that it is not as if she has nowhere else to go, she is not a charity case, she is not dependent on him, etc, etc. Right? Isn’t that how most of us educated, ‘empowered’ women would react? Rather, th ...

Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 2

Stage 1: Dissonance. Denial. Disbelief. Stage 2: Distress. Desperation. Despair. Stage 3: Rinse. Repeat. It creeps in slowly. First, there are the ‘accidents’. His leg just happened to be in the way, so you tripped. The door just banged on your h ...

[16 DOA] Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 1

“It can never happen to me. I love him too much. He’s educated. I am educated. He doesn’t want to become his father. I will NEVER become his mother. He chose me, right? I chose him, didn’t I? Can’t happen, can it? Wouldn’t happen again, w ...