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#Im Here

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Homeland Guantanamos

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VAW as a weapon of WAR

Human rights evolved from Cyrus the great who decided to free all his slaves making its way through different regimes and world wars. Finally in 1948 Eleanor Roosevelt signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration guarantees everyone 30 human rights to everyone. One of those rights is our right not be discriminated against ̵ ...

[Contribution] Can’t Stay Mum

Everyone is talking. Yes. Everyone. On Facebook. On Twitter. On TV news channels. On other mediums I do not care to surf. Something so repugnant has happened in city that our collective conscience has been shaken and invoked. There are cries of ̵ ...

[Contribution] दामिनी

दामिनी, रात की स्याह होती स्याही, तुम्हरी चीत्कारों से ऐसी सुर्ख हुई की न सिर्फ हिल्ली दिल्ली वरन आग हो, शोला बन भद्की चिन्गारिया पूरी ...

[Contribution] A Few Good Men – Real Men Don’t Rape

16th December 2012, a black day for India, its women, and few good men. You hear your parents say that it is safe for a girl to go out in the nights accompanied by a guy for safety. Well all that has been disproven on this day, that even a man cannot defend a girl and protect her. At least not when he’s hit on the head with a metal rod. How s ...

[Thinking About] Dafa Teen Sau Chihattar

But our conventional discourse on prevention of sexual harassment never ceases to advise women on tailoring their behaviours to “prevent” rape: Don’t stay out too late, dress decently, always stay in the company of a male family member, don’t talk to strangers. In other words, the world is a dangerous place, and it’s your fault if you get ...

[Opinion] Testimonies of A Woman

  “Every morning little Sandhya wakes up at 6 to start her errands for the day, while her elder brother sleeps oblivious to her chores. He wakes up only at eight to go to school, while Sandhya is forced to work and deprived of education. Each night Shobha is beaten and abused by her drunken husband. In the national capital one girl is raped ...

Do we dare to wear what we want?

The famous No Pants Subway Ride launched in New York City in 2002 with seven participants stripping off on the subway, and completing their respective rides in their boxers. A few years later, it was an annual, international  movement and in January this year, the No Pants Subway Ride involved tens of thousands of participants (they couldn’t ...

The Youngest Feminist: Riley in a Toy Store

This past weekend, The Huffington Post put up a video of an enlightened little girl criticizing manufacturers for gendering toys and pushing pink stuff on her while the boys get superheroes. Take a look below: Kudos to her parents for clearly doing ...

Let’s Write a Better Beginning For Our Children

The earliest memory I have of my childhood is probably from when I was about two. I was standing on a stool and trying to reach for an egg on a shelf and in the process I broke it in two. Some people claim having a memory as early as nine months old. ...

Name It, Change It, Flip It, Quip It

By Nell Scovell and Gloria Steinem Women hold only 3% of clout positions in the mainstream media. ~ Annenberg Public Policy Center, “The Glass Ceiling Persists” Here are 15 ways the media would be different if it were run by 97% women an ...
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