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If only we could RING THE BELL on time

While browsing through Bell Bajao, I came across a blog post titled— The Dark Holi Night, written by a Bangalore-based journalist. Excerpts: It was the night of Holi in 2009. I was on night duty and was visiting hospitals and police stations to collect news as a reporter with a newspaper. It was 3 am. So the photojournalist and I decided to chec ...

[16 Days of Activism] घरेलू हिंसा एवं मानव अधिकार विषय पर युवाओं के साथ कार्यशाला

घरेलू हिंसा एवं मानव अधिकार विषय पर युवाओं के साथ कार्यशाला दिनाँक: 26 एवं 27 नवम्बर,2012) स्थान:- सामु ...

My Female Colleagues Told Me Not To Talk About The Abuse. I Did It Anyway.

By: Michele Wheldon, Assistant professor of journalism, Northwestern University “You will have ‘victim’ on your name tag for the rest of your life.” She said it crisply, curtly. I imagine her intent was to perhaps save me fro ...

Global News Roundup 10.31.11

Here’s a weekly digest of important news stories from around the world: Domestic violence is ‘a hidden problem’ in UAE 10.27.11, The National My Female Colleagues Told Me Not To Talk About The Abuse. I Did It Anyway. 10.25.11, Huf ...

Beating Violence Not Men

Violence against women is no laughing matter. Yet, in Andhra Pradesh, the state Minor Irrigation Minister, Mr. T. G. Venkatesh seems to think it is something that can be treated as a joke. According to a front page news item in the Deccan Herald (September 25, 2011) headlined: “Cashing thrashing: Pati, Patni and ten thousand”, Mr. Venkatesh is ...

Immigration and Detention: Women’s Human Rights Across Borders

As she went into labor Juana Villegas was shackled to her hospital bed. Living in Tennessee, she gave birth while in custody. She had been pulled over while driving and taken to jail when the officer discovered that she did not have a valid drivers license as was undocumented. She went to prison, where she went into labor. Her ankles were cuffed to ...

The Unanswered Question

Deepika Gupta is a Breakthrough Human Rights Advocate in Lucknow Gauri was married to Manish in 2002 at the age of twenty. Both belonged to very affluent families of Allahabad. Gauri’s father was a goldsmith and had a vast business, whereas Manish was the son of a politician. The first two years of marriage were beautiful but after that, some ver ...

Why should I interfere?

By Piali Bhattacharya – Assistant Manager, Media Campaign One beautiful evening I am climbing down the stairs, I hear my neighbor screaming and a few sounds of slap—–I do not intervene because it’s their private matter why should I? I see my help with bruised eyes very often —— I do not intervene because it’s her p ...

Considering economic abuse as domestic violence

Since October is domestic violence awareness month, we’d like to highlight a type of DV which is often overlooked: economic abuse. Most news stories and campaigns focus on physical, sexual and mental DV but economic violence can be just as damaging to an individual’s well-being. Economic domestic abuse can occur in any family dynamic, though it ...

VAWM – Two domestic violence stories by Shilpa

I grew up in an environment where no one beats anyone else, for any reason. But we had a maid who came everyday with bruises and black eye, and when I asked her what happened she would say her husband came home drunk and beat her. That is how I knew ‘some’ husbands beat their wives when drunk. I grew up with that notion. I only saw domestic vio ...
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