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16 Days of Activism

Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 2

Stage 1: Dissonance. Denial. Disbelief. Stage 2: Distress. Desperation. Despair. Stage 3: Rinse. Repeat. It creeps in slowly. First, there are the ‘accidents’. His leg just happened to be in the way, so you tripped. The door just banged on your h ...

[16 DOA] Home is Where the Hurt is – Part 1

“It can never happen to me. I love him too much. He’s educated. I am educated. He doesn’t want to become his father. I will NEVER become his mother. He chose me, right? I chose him, didn’t I? Can’t happen, can it? Wouldn’t happen again, w ...

A Battle for Womankind

I didn’t ask for it. He (and I shall refer to him in variants of that word) is in his 50s. I won’t describe him. I can. But I won’t. Because he knows who he is. He is a rapist. Not the kind of rapist you hear about on the news- kidnapping, molesting, raping, murdering- not those ones. He belongs to the kind of rapists who silently undress ...

[Survivor Story] …kabhi to mere zakhmon pe unko rehm aayega

Main nahin jaanti ki mera ye mail kise milega ya kaun padega, par main itna zaroor chahti hoon ke Mr. Aamir Khanji mera ye mail zaroor padein..! ‘Satyamev Jayate’ ka show main dekhti hoon. Samaj ke is aaine mein insaniyat ki itni ghinoni shakl bhi dekhne ko milegi…socha na tha..! 20th May, Sunday ka jo show tha..’dowry speci ...

The Woman Who Fought Back

It’s easy to tell people to stand up for themselves; it’s not so easy to do it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Because it’s brave people who start a revolution for change. It takes courage to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, particularly if everyone else is inclined to disagree with yourself. But as history has pro ...

Survivor Story: Walking away from domestic violence

I belong to a middle class family. I was married three years back and it was an arranged marriage. Before marriage, I had spoken to my husband and his behavior was very friendly and affectionate, he had told me that he doesn’t drink and doesn’t have any bad habits. In fact, he used to respect me and my family members a lot. However, jus ...