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[Contribution] The City of Dead Living

          I will come to haunt you
          I have been broken beyond repair
          Do you know how it feels
          to have your clothes ripped
          naked, unconscious
          and then your body, ripped
          like a shredded disposable bloody piece of flesh
          and then your spirit, ripped
          that refuses to live and die at the same time
          I will not give in or give up
          Oh no, I will not go away
          I will come to haunt you

          I will come to haunt you
          Every time you see tinted glasses
          a metal rod
          a passing bus
          the light, the night
          his face, her face
          Every time, every time your heart beats
          I will not be forgotten, written off
          disappear from the headlines i will
          but from your consciousness, i will not
          because I will come to haunt you

          I will come to haunt you
          Protest, like I did
          Scream, like I did
          Do it all
          ‘cos my fall was your falling
          ‘cos my call, is your calling
          I will not be ashamed
          or damned
          or scared
          or scarred
          I am broken beyond repair
          but I cannot be trashed
          not by the Ministers
          not by the Leaders
          not by the Police or Media
          not by you
          ‘cos you will see me
          as I come to haunt you

          I will come to haunt you
          Not of my own will or desire
          Because I could not care much
          but for your sake
          to keep you aware, awake
          that when you walk on the road
          that when you take a bus
          that when you smile
          that when you go the next mile
          the perverse
          the perverted
          the inhuman
          the barbaric
          are all there, out there
          so don’t spare
          a moment to let off your guard
          because I will come to haunt you
          in this city of dead living

          This post originally appeared on the blog Outlandish and has been republished with kind permission from the author.

          Image Source: siette


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