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[Fiction] How do you turn Thought into Action?

          Severely beaten up and bruised, Riya stood up on her two feet with great difficulty and made a choice to do something better for herself, to take a stand to fight for herself and for her rights. But as soon as she started making those decisions she saw her mother’s crying face and fell weak. She stood still and knew she was the only one who her mother counted on, she realized she had to be there for her mother.

          For years together her mother had been victim to all the physical abuse; she sat and tolerated all that her husband did to her, she got beaten up every other night and woke up each morning smothered in bruises, crumbling in pain and with a bright smile on her face. Riya’s mother thought that her tolerance level was her strength, but Riya thought that her mother’s silence was her weakness and fear of the society.

          Riya realized that all this had to come to an end – she knew that her mother would never do anything about it. She knew that she would have to do something to stop all this but all the same, Riya also knew that her boyfriend would not support her decision, she knew that as always he would tell her to hang in there and have faith in time and that it would all pass by and be okay. But he only knew her for a year and half, she had been dealing with all this pain and torment for 19 years and that too without any emotional support from anyone.

          Riya made a note to herself that the only way she could get justice for her mother, her 12 year old little sister and for herself was if she decided to go against the two most important men in her life and take a stand.

          That night when her sister lay trembling in bed, her mother lay silently weeping on the couch, Riya sat in deep thought in two minds wondering if she could actually so anything as she knew that none of her relative would help her and go against her extremely influential father. In fact, she even knew that if she did anything against her father, he was powerful and ruthless enough to suppress everything and ruin her life completely. Her mother’s silence started making sense to her and her fear started over powering her decision to put an end to all the violence.

          Terribly confused, Riya took for the night praying to God to give her the strength to battle all this.

          Riya was strong enough to believe she is capable of putting an end to the violence. It isn’t always about just thinking about all this, it is also about believing in yourself and knowing that you don’t deserve this and that if you want to stop it all, you very much can. It’s all about acting on your thoughts and going according to them.

          About the author: Henna Jaisinghani is a Breakthrough volunteer studying Mass Communication in Pune. She is passionate about raising awareness of women’s rights and domestic violence.

          Image Source: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE


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