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Guess who i am..?


          The lashes tickle the air
          And the vision embraces the burden of monotony
          Waking up is just another..another purposeless chore in this world for me.
          Bound and an already acquired possession of society I slog
          Slog to keep up the expectations..
          Of this so called modern society..
          I walk.. walk conscious and abrupt..
          Scared for life because of me being me..

          I am innocent soul
          Hurt and sore
          But no one to hear me mourn
          Killed in the womb and disowned by the universe I am
          Though its my age to play with the Barbies
          Survival is the only thing,I say, I can
          Love is no where to give me a tan
          Full of anxiety and helplessness
          For the society I am just another vulnerable ham..

          I am a teenager..
          Blossoming and spreading my wings.
          Love is the evil that struck me, while I stared mingling
          Blinded by his colours I took pain in my stride
          The scars.. the blood ..the hurt
          Was just a part of my Romeo’s ride
          So used to this the soul in me became a masochist
          And when i ended all of it
          My love just threw acid at me and again i ended up as a roadside shit..

          Now I am married
          The massive weight of the wedding bands
          Sits upon my tender hands
          Ringed around in cobweb of worldly expectations
          I sit in the corner hiding my unexpressed citations
          Hit by my man
          Insufficient dowry is the justified link claims the clan
          Heart throbbed i feel helpless in my own home
          My soul has been slaughtered and left for the misery’s throne

          When i am dead and terrified hands will lie
          Still ringed with the ordeals i was mastered by..
          And all my aspirations in the world that i made
          Will just end in the dark shade

          But guess who I am
          who am I?
          I am a female

          -Shaunak Jindal

          About the author-
          Shaunak Jindal is a student of Symbiosis Pune pursuing his Bachelor in Business Administration degree.He writes to give words to his innate thoughts, and his words have had a history of touching many a hearts.His main motivation to writing is that he wants to bring about a change and ignite minds by revealing the true colors of our society.


          Image Source: ftphotostudio


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