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America 2049

You change america... before it changes you. Play now


immigrant teen vs. immigration system: can anyone win? Visit

Bell Bajao

ring the bell. bring domestic violence to a halt.Visit

Ring the Bell

make a promise to ring the bell. Visit

#Im Here

For Immigrant Women Visit


your life in america: write it, shoot it, own it. Visit

Homeland Guantanamos

go undercover to find the truth about immigrant detention. Visit


  • Screen-Shot-2012-05-29-at-4.35.51-PM
    Bell Bajao Goes To China

    Watch how Half The Sky adopts the Bell Bajao campaign in China. ...

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    Bell Bajao – Boman Irani

    When a man (played by Boman Irani) hears a neighbor beating his wife, he suddenly wants to make a call — at his neighbor’s house. ...

  • ad_5
    Bell Bajao – Software Engineer

    A couple hears a man beating his wife in their apartment building. Watch to see if take action to bring domestic violence to a halt.     ...

  • ad_4
    Bell Bajao – Cricket

    Knock Knock. Who’s there? Watch what happens when of a group of young boys playing cricket take a time out. ...

  • ad_6
    Bell Bajao – Bank Clerk

    A man attacks his wife when he notices a spot on his clothes. A bank teller passing by, here’s this behind closed doors. Watch what he does to bring domestic violence to a halt ...

  • ad_2
    Bell Bajao – Got Milk?

    Got Milk? Asking for a small cup of milk is one of the many things you can do to bring domestic violence to a halt. ...

  • ad_7
    Bell Bajao – Bus Driver

    She asks her husband if he would stop drinking. He becomes outraged. When a bus driver passing by overhears the conversation, see what he does to bring domestic violence to a halt.     ...

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    Bell Bajao – Global Champion

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joins Bell Bajao as the first global champion. He invites men all over the world to unite in stopping violence against women.   ...