Also, the hook is exposed more to better pin the fish. The problem with a slip tie is that it slips! How To Tie The Santee Cooper Rig. The Rig Assembly. How to Tie it Together Begin by folding the leader line in half, then making one end longer than the other by about six inches. When I got back to the dock that afternoon, all my tackle was busted, and I knew I better get smart quick if I wanted to keep this job. Now pull up tight. One fateful morning as a lay in bed, the phone rang and I got my opportunity. How To Tie The Double Hook Rig This is a quick and easy process and it’s the same regardless of which type of rigging you use. Flutter spoons and chenille shad bugs are go-to weapons for spin and fly anglers, respectively, but both produce even better when another lure takes the lead. “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen 8 guys on one side of a boat fighting the 8 guys on the other, all screaming that they’ve got the big one.”. Slide on your bead. For this combo, you need a 1/8-ounce Luhr Jensen Shyster or similar in-line spinner and a small, deep-diving crankbait such as the Rebel Deep Wee R. Tie the spinner to a 12-inch leader and the crankbait to a 24-inch leader. Sometimes it’s easier to see how to rig swimbaits instead of being told. Step 2: Tie on the First Fly . If they were fished up the sides next to the two hook rigs, they would quickly tangle with the 12-ounce bank sinkers that were resting on the bottom. Tie the second swivel to one end of the snood and the shad … No bottom fish is safe from its tantalizing offering. Soft jerkbaits come in many forms are often a good lure to use when other, … The weight of the shad dart will allow the rig to sink deep. Trophy togs in structure require heavy leader and breakaway weights. So try these juiced-up rigs. I found the wisest person I knew at the time, 20-year-old Skipper Thierry. Tie on the swivel to the trace length and thread on the tubing boom, add a bead and link to the line at the longer end of the boom. Tie a hook up the line. Tie in a 12- to 24-inch piece of line behind the knot and attach the second lure to that. We will use these mono leaders to connect two baits to the rig. When I was 16 years old, there was nothing I wanted more than to become 1st mate on one of the many charter boats that fished out of Dauphin Island, Alabama. Turns out, the first mate had a little too much fun the night before, and this wasn’t the first time. 1 x Shad or Leadhead. It is a fundamental rig that every angler should know how to tie. What could be better? 1. To tie this rig, you will need the following: Clear Monofilament or Fluorocarbon (I like 80 lb test, but I have used as small as 40 lb and as much as 100 lb) I like monofilament because it is less expensive. The predominant way to bottom fish back then was to have 3-4 anglers of the stern off the boat fishing “sow rigs” while the remainder of the fisherman walked up the sides of the boat armed with a two-hook rig and a bucket of cut squid and mullet. Wanting to learn how to tie a two hook rig? With snapper season underway, you should learn how to tie the two hook rig and put a few out on your next fishing trip. “Can you be at the dock in the next 20 minutes?” the captain asked, and I immediately said yes. Attach a 7-foot 3X leader to the sink tip, and tie on an epoxy spoon fly. Tie the second swivel to a shorter length of the fluorocarbon line, around 450mm, and attach second hook to the free end. Take your bobber stop and tie it onto your line. Learn with this video demonstration the importance of a double fishing line, as well as the importance of keeping the fishing line taut. The sink tip will get this double rig down quickly, and once your line starts to swing in the current, the spoon fly will ramp up visual appeal, while giving the rear fly a more erratic action. Then slide on your bobber 4. If you are nymphing, it’s usually because trout are not looking up at the surface or there aren’t any bugs out for the trout to rise to. You attach the hooks to the leader and then complete the rigging using the normal method based on your preferred catfish rig. Check out this video below of how to rig swimbaits with a treble hook. Typical Double Hook Rig Now to tie on the hooks and weight Insert the end of the loop through your hook eye and around the shank. You’ll slide this on the main line after the sinker. This video is about how to rig a shad with a trailer hook for catching trophy rockfish / stripers. Here is a link to a video explaining how to tie … Your herring is brined and you’re out on the water and it’s time to rig the bait. This is advantageous on sunny days when light-sensitive shad hug the riverbed. Insert the hook into a (3) shad and out through the midline of the back. Take a wacky tool and put an o-ring about a third of the way up from the nose of the bait and then skin hook the bait while running a whacky hook through the o-ring and there you have it. Remarkably, some even smell and taste like the real thing too! Soft plastic shad fishing lures are proven fish catchers, partly due to the wriggling action they get from their paddle tails and their realistic apperance. 1. It is the only way I have found to store these types of rigs without tangling them. Make sure to tie 12-24 inches of filament to the spoon. $80 bucks for 15 hours of work? Tie a 1-inch dropper loop a foot from the end (1), and snell the hook to the end 2. Next, tie a flutter spoon to the tag end of the fluoro. All rights reserved. Weight: Slide your weight on the “main line” that runs to the fishing reel. Tie one swivel to approximately 600mm of the fluorocarbon line and attach hook to free end. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Bead or Bumper: If you’re concerned about your sinker weakening the knot you can add a bead or Team Catfish Sinker Bumper to protect the knot from the sinker. Get outdoor trends, data, new products, and tips delivered to your inbox. Fluorocarbon certainly helps in some applications, but I do not think it is necessary for bottom fishing this way. He is the Publisher and Editor-in Chief for Great Days Outdoors and co-hosts the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report as well as the Huntin' Land Podcast. How to Rig Swimbaits Video. The first fly of a two-fly nymph rig is known as the “point fly.” It is meant to be trolled, but can be readily sight-cast to surface-feeding white bass. This is how it’s done! Double-Dipper Trolling Rig Another way to enhance trolling action is use of a double-dipper rig. LaCoste ties or buys double rigs that have the lower jig about 6 to 8 inches below the top one. Be sure the hook penetrates the back, not the belly. Now, we’ve written about classic live bait rigs before. Later, you’ll crimp your split shot to the leader above this knot to keep it from sliding down toward the flies. There is no telling how many of these rigs I have tied in my lifetime. He has spent over 900 days on saltwater in his life, and in that time he has learned that his wife can out fish him any day of the week. To rig a (2) curly tail, center the hook on the front of the body and push it through so that only the bend and point protrude. Depth Charging To up the ante when flyfishing for shad, start by connecting a 24-inch heavy-grain sink tip to the end of your floating line. Heck, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Field & Stream may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. A styrofoam “Card” (This is a rectangular piece of styrofoam, usually cut from an old cooler. Get paid to go fishing? You haven’t lived until you’ve seen 8 guys on one side of a boat fighting the 8 guys on the other, all screaming that they’ve got the big one. How to Tie a Drop Shot Rig. Call them what you want: The two hook rig, double hook rig, or the chicken rig, but I’ve seen this rig land 70 lb cobia, giant red snapper, huge grouper, and tons upon tons of beeliners and triggerfish (two at a time in many cases). It is tied the same way as a Sabiki rig designed for catching bait fish, but uses heavier line, crappie jigs for the lures, and a slab that does double duty as a weight and a lure. Fluorocarbon trace line. How to Rig Soft Plastic Eels and Shad Fishing Lures. Nymphing is all about depth. This alone should tell you where the trout are: deep. It was my dream to follow in my brother’s footsteps and earn the big payday that I saw the other deckhands pulling in. Use a solid tie. Tying two hook rigs this way will lead to fewer tangles and easier fishing, ultimately putting more fish in the boat. You had to fish this way because the sow rigs were typically fished with an 8-ounce egg weight higher in the water column, where they were more susceptible to current and boat movements. Steps For Double Hook Rigging Copyright © 2020 Field & Stream. One piece of fish, one piece of squid? The rig is basically designed to present one of the baits close to the bottom and the other bait about 1 or 2 off the bottom. The Rig Body. As an alternate rigging you can use a three-way swivel with two leaders coming off it, or tie a loop 18 inches from the end of the line and attach the extra jig to that. Skipper spent about 30 minutes with me that evening, showing me how to tie what we called the “two-hook rig.” After seeing my work, he recommended I go home and tie rigs until I fell asleep! Also, generally speaking, less terminal tackle equals more bites. Joe Baya is a USCG licensed captain and avid hunter. Rig a (4) crayfish on a slider head by pushing the hook through the. Tie fishing line to the split ring on the treble hook. Afterwards pass the loop through the eye of the popping cork’s stem and tighten down. Insert the top hook just above the backbone and pull in through the herring. Remove the hooks from a metallic-finish diving crankbait and tie a 25-inch piece of 8-pound fluorocarbon to the rear eye. 2. Next, cut off the last 12 to 24 inches of tippet and retie it to the leader using a blood knot or double surgeon’s knot. Although some like to use three-way swivels, I find that time consuming and more expensive. Kansas Teenager Tags World-Record Whitetail Buck, 4 Ways to Shoot Faster with Your Hunting Rifle, How to Pick the Best All-Purpose Deer Rifle, Pro Fly-Tying Tips to Save Time and Fill Boxes, The 6.5 Creedmoor Lover’s (and Hater’s) Gift Guide, Ice Fishing Tips For Bad Weather From 4 Top Outfitters. A Neko rig with a shad profile and something the fish aren't used to seeing. The crankbait will take this rig farther than a single dart, and the lure will pull the flutter spoon down toward the bottom when it digs into the current. Tie a figure eight loop knot at the bight formed in the line. 2 x shad style soft plastic lures. Sign me up! So let’s get into it. The above picture is not the correct way to rig jigheads onto a Vortex Shad. A French boom can be substituted. Additionally, he is a Land Sales Professional licensed in Florida and Alabama. I begged Skipper to show me how to tie rigs for my trip the next day. I learned a lot that first day, mostly that I had a lot more to learn. Lucky for me, my window of opportunity had opened, and I wasn’t about to let it close. White … 2. Bassmaster Elite Series pro Brent Ehrler uses this double rig, also called a donkey rig, during the day’s first couple of hours before intensifying summer heat pushes bait and bass deeper. Tie a double fishing line by making 30 turns with the line before tying the line off. From the bend in the hook, run a 15- to 18-inch piece of leader, and tie on your favorite shad fly. Single Soft Jerkbait Rig. I can’t say they were wrong. Below are instructions on how to tie a drop shot rig. Tips for Using Jigs There is no telling how many of these rigs I have tied in my lifetime. We do not recommend using a slip tie. The body needs to be straight so it swims correctly and hook sets are complete. 2. This rig is really easy to set up. How to Get the Gamey Taste Out of Deer and Other Game. Tie your hook to the … You will then do a slow jig and retrieve, keeping the tandem rig close to the bottom, where the perch are usually found. Call them what you want: The two hook rig, double hook rig, or the chicken rig, but I’ve seen this rig land 70 lb cobia, giant red snapper, huge grouper, and tons upon tons of beeliners and triggerfish (two at a time in many cases). 3. It’s funny and easy and the tutorial below is the simplest and cheapest way I know. Begin by tying a hook around the line with a 12 to 18-inch tag end. Tie 4 feet of 80-pound fluoro leader to the main line with an Albright or Alberto knot. In this video learn how to tie a double fishing line with help from charter fishing expert Mark the Shark. Nymph Rig. I tie a heavy jig (1/2-3/4 oz) to the long leader, and dress that jig with a bulky soft plastic like a 4" ringworm or a Moxi from B-Fish-N tackle. As one of my fishermen would ask me EVERY SINGLE DAY, “Are you going to be the master baiter today?” I would answer, “Nay sir, I am not a master baiter, I am a master of the two hook rig.” I usually tied 50 or more rigs each day. Attention fishing junkies! Construct a 5-inch piece of leader with a loop at each end and an overhand knot in the middle, to weaken it. This will prevent the bobber stop from sliding through the bobber 3. Shad may be little more than catfish bait in some parts of the country, but on the East Coast, migrating American shad offer light-tackle and fly anglers serious spring sport. Favoring the Yamamoto D-Shad , Ehrler rigs a pair of baits with 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG hooks and fishes them on 15-pound Sunline Sniper SC fluorocarbon. You want the body straight so the paddle tail can do its job. I lie a light jig (1/16 oz) to the short leader, and dress that jig with a … Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. It targets white bass while kayak fishing. Circle Hooks: 8/0 is a good size, small enough for the gulf aggregate species like vermillion snapper and triggerfish, but strong enough to handle a large red snapper. I did what he said, and within a week I could tie two hook rigs with amazing speed. To up the ante when flyfishing for shad, start by connecting a 24-inch heavy-grain sink tip to the end of your floating line. A drop shot rig is one of the most effective ways to fish; it features a weight at the bottom of the line and the bait on the line’s hook. Good-bye fish! All you need to do is: 1. So I did what any 16-year-old would do. Take your game to the next level with a pair of tandem rigs. Pull line tight, and place one barb of the hook into the swimbait. The top hook will slip down and cut off the bottom hook. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The rig itself is made of a 6-10lb monofilament, tied 8-10 inches to the shad dart, which weighs the rig down. I usually tied 50 or more rigs each day. I didn’t know this of course, so I let my fisherman take the sow rigs all around the boat, creating tangles the likes of which few have ever seen. He gave me a handful of sow rigs to use because he knew I wasn’t ready for that challenge yet. The crankbait acts as an attractor, and its wobble gives more life to the trailing spoon. How to Tie the Trout Rig. 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