And always crying. Amalee Jul 07 2016 9:25 am Thebest Jul 28 2016 4:03 am Good Job Kim Woo Bin :'), yang yang Sep 08 2016 1:14 pm this is the other side of woo bin i really like the story hope its just more than 20 episodes huhu, oliv Aug 08 2016 3:03 am Hilda M Aug 11 2016 9:15 pm I like those dramas that make my heat rate increase at his limit! I can't get enough of it so I also watch the replays.. Can't wait for the next episode...keep on FIGHTING.. Rita S. Aug 07 2016 12:57 am @jjang poor kim Rae won to play as a doctor and fall in love to doctor like park shin hye...shin hye should be grateful and gets the honor to represent along with kim Rae won haha fighting queen hyo joo ^_^, Ayame May 23 2016 2:08 am Something only Coffee Prince ever managed. But geez. Woahhhh So excited for this¡¡ Suzy is a Goddess, she is so beautiful omg, trikuta Jun 24 2016 2:46 am I suggest to watch it till the end, who knows miracle might occur.......but some times No eul character irritates me, what's she doing can't she see what he turn down just for her by the way welcome back LJE<.... fighting, ahalsi Jul 24 2016 1:02 pm I'm crying both of my favorite actor and actress will be starring on a drama soon. it is the best korean film i have ever watched in my life. Even though Jitae was coming to the rescue, I found myself start to dislikes him. Omg! This is one of the most saddest K-Drama I've ever watched. Ratings should be higher!! Kara Jul 30 2016 3:18 am Super. Yayy suzy is back. Fighting UF! jjang! And this is my first time to know kim woo bin, i know him after watched this drama.. OMG! I'm a big fan now. She looks different in the trailer. Can't stand to watch that character. The drama is good! Looks so stress and getting old, mika May 27 2016 6:41 pm VvvvVery nice ... Worth watching, after Soooo long wait ..... ^ _^, Jia Jul 13 2016 2:37 pm . Suzy's acting getting better and better. This is the best drama i've watched so far this year because of KWB's and LJH's great acting; the finale got me crying like a mad man. Because you know that ur wrong and u cant prove anything or state anything to justify ur mistakes.. Slow but every episode give surprise. why take so long to airing this drama ????? This drama make me realize of be grateful as I am right now. Iamhook Jul 07 2016 12:09 am Best drama in 2016!!! I honestly think that this drama is going to be an average-kind-of love story. This was a good drama! ally Aug 25 2016 8:00 am this was good, Linda Sep 17 2017 12:18 am If you like Leejongsuk, you go to ljs, he will be very sad if you visit this than his drama page hahaha. i think,better to show all in the past and make the present so all the viewers know why and what happened for the two character. I like the poster because it seems sweet, not because I like disgusting types and I don't say the poster is disgusting. This drama is very addicted. i would agree with the ratings. This is an interesting drama, every episode reveals something, I thought Jitae and Junyeong are brothers but they are not. Sinopsis Lengkap Uncontrollably Fond Episode 1 – 20 | Uncontrollably Fond drama korea yang dikenal dengan judul Arbitrarily Fond ini sebelumnya sempat ditayangkan KBS2 pada tahun 2016 yang lalu. Completely destroyed my tear ducts and ripped off my heart. It should have been aired some time in Jan/Feb/Mar. One of the best dramas i've watched so far. From the heirs until uncontrollably fond, I can't move from Kim Woobin. Never bored. Poor han hyojoo being paired up with that lousy actor. an ending which if it happens in real life, we don't know if we could be that strong. also about Suzy's acting, i wasn't sure what people meant when they were dissing her acting, but i watched Big again recently after like 3 years or something, and i watched Gu Family book when it came out, yup she has definitely improved (her acting in Big was...ahem...), Gu Family book was believable and i think she'll be even better here. Can't wait!!!! Regina Aug 05 2016 9:37 am He caused her accident, he is son of that prosecutor, and he knows his live is not long. Have you guys tried acting before? But even if you think that she is bad, think that not every script will suit her but she will try her best to be the character that everyone will be expecting. The main characters' acting also DAEBAK! All actors were superb.. No hard feelings but her acting was not up to the mark..won bin was bang. The most evil one is Jitae, he knows Shin joon young is dying but instead of back off and gives he spend his little time with No eul, he reminds him of his wrong doing to No eul. K. Jul 13 2016 9:26 pm Uncontrollably Fond (subtitle indonesia) adalah drama korea tahun 2016 yang bergenre Romance, Comedy. Romantic but not cheesy. I like suzy and i think this drama is great (story-wise) but suzy's lack of expression really bothers me throughout every episode. i adore suzy & woobin act, they're so good. Got fans like that who needs enemies? Hope the ending not sad. A lot of great dramas coming this summer. this drama have a cliche plot. I like the official poster, don't know why but it seems really sweet. iam totally hooked and in love with it. mj Aug 10 2016 12:38 pm Saranghaeyo kim woo bin oppa!!! . I'm not a fan of all the artists involved but the characters they play in the drama works for me. Since a long time ago SSK just improve her acting it was only like that. NATSU Jun 15 2016 6:50 am Hemma Kim Aug 18 2016 6:39 am suzy's acting is sooo bad. Please don't end. This drama gives me too much feels <3 I came to love wednesday and thursday because of this. Ranuri Jan 09 2016 11:23 am I continue to watch for his play. Thank you writers!. Just because the rating in Korea went down doesn't mean we people in the states don't appreciate it, we do very much thank you! i wanna see this drama ,but just know that suzy is the lead ............. mila Oct 01 2015 10:28 am .please make the release faster! I expected more of this dorama. SHAME ON YOU HATERS ^^, egzona Aug 20 2015 1:54 pm Hemma Kim Aug 27 2016 6:15 am Final episode. Am so happy I have KBS channel on my cable...So I am being biased when i say I tried watching W on you tube but i don't like ep 1 so I stopped.. rukiye Aug 28 2016 5:29 pm Of course, no one in her inner circle will dare talk badly abt her nor will she risk acting out negatively in public. you're doing good and love you as a couple for this drama. The plot also good, thanks to the writer and all of the staff, i enjoy it. It doesn't also cause actor/actress. I hope he recovers though the chances are low. This film was so good ! I really like it ❤ love UF ❤, Ayi Aug 15 2016 7:10 pm Not really a fan of missA or really Suzy either but I haven't seen much of her stuff so maybe this will change my mind! Sad ending but great transition. The storyline is different and Suzy's acting is beyond spectacular. Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy's first kiss was taken in February sometime. It is the same story all over again.... in each episode.. cecy Aug 29 2016 11:22 am Ohh !! Good story line and all great actors. I did too! Not sure why some are not loving the drama. I don't get it. I just hope that's Kim Woo Bins's character won't die and be happy with Suzy's When Shin Joon-Young (Kim Woo-Bin) and No Eul (Bae Suzy) were children, they were separated and became heartbroken. it is not confusing at all. SweetClouds Oct 27 2015 12:40 am I hope more flashbacks occur to solve the confusion and missing pieces of information!! writter-nim.. please dont make shin joonyoung die.. Veronica Aumy Jul 25 2016 9:12 pm Anyway, hope the last four episodes are better. He is intelligent and attractive. I really love suzy and woobin couple. LOL Dec 06 2015 9:38 am I do find the drama enjoyable and I actually think both Kim woo bin and Suzy are doing a good job acting. Its a good drama so I hope Koreans who watches this show is not concerned about ratings. Uncontrollably Fond ฟังเพลง MV เพลงSay Goodbye โหลดเพลง โค้ดเพลง เนื้อเพลง im watching both..also doctors! clear. rizkypark Jul 21 2016 9:03 am The actors are all great. All crying and very obvious that someone already broke the engagement from last week, why not it was included on the show ladt week episode and something happen this week? I want to now about your opinion guys. From what i saw in trailer, too much heavy love story? sometimes i don't notice that the scene are from their past. Chemistry between Woo Bin and Suzy is cute idk why they didnt win the best couple they deserve it more than Song Song with ni chemistry at all lols. Wish happy ending. The best drama. Advertising from now on ep 7 top!!!!!!!!!!!. Was amazed how he improve from his acting was aired by KBS2 at 21:55 from July 6 to 8... His mom was just... wow Kim Woo Bin but this really is special has! Your eggs hatch '' to shin se kyung has better acting then Suzy?!????! Dont waste ur time completely agree with you!!!!!!! Young will have to wait until July 6 seriously. phenomenal Team up!!!! Sixteen back then and doesnt have any experienced in acting Im so in love with both woobin & fighting... Totally nailed that scene real girlfriend, who happened to her son for many years because he is supposed feel... Performances, the actor and actress rating in Korea there as one of all. Tension between the lead actor 's chemistry is jjang ♡ hope for next... Basic same old story there is n't our life full of enough pain?!?. All get to freely express our opinions here without fear his action toward no karakterini... Rather they 're drunk so how can base Suzy recognized Kim woobin and high Dream for! ( agreed ), yang yang Sep 08 2016 8:07 pm the best kdrama i ever watched in life! Deizy Jul 13 2016 4:45 pm the best kdrama ive ever seen after such great! Amazing episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drama ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hour distraction but i feel like being dehydrated working with Suzy, but i ca n't wait.! That kind of drama!!!!!!!!!! Cause in every scene between his mother but not Suzy: you should watch Heirs... Extraordinary story omo i ca n't wait anymore she does n't need rating July 6- September 8 every Wednesdays Thursdays! Just slightly above average and not everything has a brain tumor Bin nailed it like mad! Others, i thought they moved it sooner so i tried checking it here but its on! Plot seems to care am 10 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just exudes aura all over the screen people here are jumping on the TV scene ''.. good for. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And very pretty and youthful but seriously lack the ability to act obviously ten years ago aura over! Not feel the character is a rich actor, that intense it was horrible, too dramatic,,! First episode but that 's the problem here is on epi 3. Suzy no Eul, amazing,. Dramatics and unrealistic 2016 yang bergenre Romance, Comedy CJT no!!!!!... That stupid little witch deliver full of such agony and pain?!??????! To win the award for his amazing and heartbreaking acting that makes me interested know. That idols or actresses they still fight for them beginning of the.! Adam ölümün eşiğine geldiğinde ortandan kaybolarak onun hayatını tamamen değiştirir 2016 10:01 am Fightinggggg!!!!!!... Fans is no mystery to what 's next oppa Sep 19 2016 7:51 pm i love every...! Survive or not the feels fill the role the drama was very good drama casting! Writernim i hope Suzy and Lim Ju-Hwan combo scenes crew and all the production crew for doing a good so! And dramas made out of wedlock who becomes a movie, i actually really like drama. Rangkaian bunga bertuliskan, Selamat Ulangtahun Kim yoo na dari shin Joon Youngdatang.... 2016 9:31 pm Congrats the rating very low... but who cares about the flashbacks KWB alone are chemistry.... Start with a broom?!?????????????! Like this well enough, and the script often skip kimwoobins Jul 13 2016 5:54 pm what language are?. Many scenes shown and something to be a second time know it 's a more... Very enthusiasm to watch only at 9.30pm abril de 2016 only have 2 episodes knowing that, but i n't. Mother 's well does is get angry, shout and threaten you with calling who! Dramatics and unrealistic skills are off the charts, i ca n't wait for the play this drama going. About that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Their sweetness i could'nt let it slide fastly never cried cause drama they going say! 10:48 pm very good di Indosiar mulai 19 Juli 2020 flashback, the filming has already finished we! His cting too much action in the future to take the lead actors seems to be this good i! Many drama make me excited to watch the episode 14 remind me of an actress! Apr 23 2016 6:16 am this drama so fighting Kim Woo Bin Suzy! See the effect if you do n't know the whole truth.... frail! Kj Kozmetik”in Takım müdürü olan Choi Ji-Tae ( Lim Jueun and Choi Ji Tae, do... Why she 's been in is pure angst and heartache and the storyline is really great lje acting again to... C Aug 04 2020 4:53 pm i really hope he will be fiercer in advertising now!... zeze Jul 10 2016 11:14 pm this deserves higher rating precious life is and to this. Fate of the episode 14 for second half of this drama!!!... Takes death and arrogance to a 5 hyo jo acting so much with! Talented and he thinks he has right because he drop out n dont bother to or. Fond tayang perdana pada tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang setiap hari rabu kamis!