Document Document Title Here 2 Table of Contents The diagrams below provide (example) views of Architecture Roadmaps. Structured Approach to Solution Architecture Alan McSweeney 2. It provides a consistent view of architectural artifacts that can be well understood by all stakeholders within the organization. TOGAF [4 section 37.2] recommends using building blocks to define required components of architecture (Architecture Building Blocks) and solution (Solution Building Blocks). Today, 80% of Global 50 companies use TOGAF. TOGAF is a high-level approach to design. • Solution Architecture is not well defined, and is neither standardized nor consistently used across DHS IT programs. An "architecture description" is a collection of artifacts that document an architecture. This diagram helps to quickly onboard and align stakeholders for a particular initiative. The Architecture Requirements Specification provides a quantitative view of the solution, stating measurable criteria that must be met during the implementation of the architecture. If you use Modelio, you don't need to import it, you can directly use the Togaf Architect tool. A solution concept diagram provides a high-level orientation of the solution that is envisaged in order to meet the objectives of the architecture engagement. "Stakeholders" are people who have key roles in, or concerns about, the system; for example, as users, developers, or managers. Solution Architecture is often concerned with the design of systems and infrastructure required for the implementation of a specific solution, or business change initiative. inter-related business building blocks (BBBs). The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is an enterprise architecture methodology that offers a high-level framework for enterprise software development. To say it has a following is an understatement. Solution architecture - Wikipedia TOGAF, an acronym for The Open Group Architecture Framework, is intended to be a standard way to design and implement architectures for very large computer systems. This Business Architecture document delivers this overview. This template shows “typical” contents of an Architecture Definition Document and can be adapted to align with any TOGAF adaptation being implemented.>> Scope <