The trigger on the .480 Ruger is, like every New Model Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, or New Vaquero I’ve shot, disappointing. It’s a big gun firing a big bullet because buffalo are big animals. The SAAMI maximum average pressure for the .480 Ruger … The result was close to spiritual. Pretty sure it depends what else is in the shop and how “entertaining” the work you want done is. So, it is natural for me to write about Ruger single action revolvers. If you stop a deer’s heart, how long can it function on the residual blood/oxygen in its brain and muscles? Hurts my arthritis. Of course the beauty of a .454 is you can load up some .45 Colts to get used to the gun and work your way up to heavy ruger only .45s. It’s pretty rare that I’d do 50 rounds of that kind of shooting at once, if for nothing other than the cost. I love my wife. The internet is your friend. Ruger Super Redhawk .480 This big double-action revolver/cartridge combination is a great blend of power and shootability. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger in-hand (image courtesy JWT for Its a wonderful gun, but really does take some getting used to. By the way I am happy to hear that your deer dropped so quickly. Warriors & Sheepdogs is a blog dedicated to all things that shoot, cut, are used for survival or have to do with PC gaming. Second shot is about 6″ low. I like single actions and appreciate shooting them more than 15 round pistols. Lack of accuracy, however, suggested that I would only be able to shoot to about 30 yards maximum. You mentioned something that I forgot to put in my review. Nah. A lubricant with some staying power at the front and back of the cylinder are required to keep them running. Some Kind Words for the .480 Ruger. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are no obvious tool marks, but the level of polish still retains fine lines and “grains” in the steel. There are two other single actions magnums made in the USA which are of excellent quality. They are the Freedom Arms in the bad-boy .500 Wyoming Express and John Linebaugh’s .500 Linebaugh. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger cylinder base pin (image courtesy JWT for Lancome would also work. At some point I’ll start shooting .454s. I would like to second this comment. Your email address will not be published. That limestone is murder! Out of Stock. My daughter says “gell type” was the wrong choice. Keep in mind the heavier the bullet…the heavier the recoil. This would certainly be easier to stomach than even some of the “cheaper” options from FA. You may have to register … Maybe I will keep it now and just have to be satisfied with a maximum distance of 30 yards for hunting. The Hornady reloading manual has that same 325gr bullet going 1,500 fps at its maximum, and the Speer manual puts their 275 grain round 5 feet per second short of 1,700 fps. great review. I like this. The Ruger Bisley hammer just needs a little work on the back of the hump to fit the grip frame. When it comes to guns, I collect very few of them. The barrel is 6.50 inches long with six lands and grooves. It may be exciting but it would stop a brown bear. I told you and Dan Z. that I would buy a new gun this month to make up for only buying one in Jan. All this talk of Black Hawks has got me thinking that my Single Six needs a big brother. Sent it back to have it fitted with micarta grips. I have an old 6″ model 29 and can shoot full bore .44 mag loads no problem. In the hands of a good handgunm hunter there is nothing those aforementioned cartridges can do that a hot loaded.45 LC or .44 Rem Mag can’t. The major bore diameter was right on the money, at .475” and the minor bore diameter was .465”. A steel front sight the same color as the base would be more appreciated. We still have a lot of post holes to be dug at the farm. He has served in Kosovo as a United Nations Police Officer and Iraq as an International Police Adviser. It would be interesting to see if this 275 grain round would penetrate the heavy muscle of a brown bear. ruger super blackhawk model talo edition 00819 - catalog no: s-47n-turn. Yeah, my wife runs a cosmetics counter so I’m guessing that bottle she gave me retails around $30. All in all, I’ve now put 220 rounds through this revolver, with a variety of charges, powders, and bullets, both homemade and commercial. Roll those 410s you wrote about back to around 1100 FPS. In the meantime I’ll muddle through with my Smiths. That hammer I mentioned seemed to have been a big chunk of the effort. Heavier hollow points such as the Hornady 325 grain would have no problem. The foot pounds was second to the Buffalo Bore Barns 275 grain at a little over 1,400. Just bought a Randall #1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag. This position will dramatically increase recoil. It makes me feel funny down where I pee. why not soften the ground up first with the .480? The recipe I have in mind is the Cast Performance 410 gr. The .480 Ruger was originally chambered just in the heavy double action Ruger Super Redhawk revolver, but the good folks at Lipsey’s listened to customer demand and asked for the .480 to be chambered in the comparatively lighter single action Super Blackhawk. The purpose for this purchase was I wanted a magnum single action revolver which is more powerful than the .44 Remington magnum and less powerful than the S&W .460 and .500 Magnums. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. The concern is that, although the average was an acceptable weight, the trigger pull had several ounces of range between different pulls. You can make — and now I have made — .480 Ruger brass from regular .45-70 brass. Lipsey’s now brings you two options to accommodate the big bore single action revolver enthusiast. Brother a day of digging holes with a steel pole and a coffee can earns you whatever beer you want. Transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. Ruger's New Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum Is Simply Fierce by Kyle Mizokami In the world of large caliber handguns, the most popular and powerful caliber by far is .44 Remington Magnum. Needs the scope rings. Great to look at, the model 29. Go buy, rent, or borrow a pin gauge set. It sports beautiful hardwood grips. Clint, Your email address will not be published. One of the reasons I like a high neck shot or head shot if conservatively possible. And again, off-hand, the .480 Ruger is powerful, but not painful. In reality, there’s not a whole lot you can’t take, under 50 yards, with a 310 grain round moving at 1,200 feet per second. Thus, I have been forced lately to order my .44 Magnum factory ammunition from online distributors and have it shipped to my home. I had a .475Linebaugh Super Blackhawk built ~10yrs ago, and have since sold and replaced it with a custom Super Redhawk in .475Line. Might like a Flat Top to have a lighter carry gun with punkin-roller loads. Don’t get me wrong, I buy a lot of guns, but I generally shoot them for a few years and then sell them or give them away. I guess I’ll stick with +p 45 Long Colt loads (“long” just to annoy the haters) in my Bisley. The .480 Ruger case is just too large in diameter to fit 6 inside the Bisley’s standard cylinder and still have adequate cylinder wall thickness. Sometimes they are DRT. Presently he is writing for Athlon Outdoor Group. Traditional single action cartridge revolvers can only be safely carried on an empty cylinder as dropping or striking the back of the hammer can cause the hammer to strike an exposed primer. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger hunting round group (image courtesy JWT for Well, $4 wasted. No, if you’re going to shoot a big bore, go heavy. For those of you who read my review of this same gun in .480 Ruger, you’ll recognize all the same general features on this new revolver of mine, save the caliber.They’re twin sisters (fraternal). The quality of the wood is OK. My reloads do all I need in Bisley or Winchester Trapper. they always seem to run a bit after a lung shot…and the heart’s a pretty small target…. The “Peacemaker’s” grip would follow the Colt Navy, and the Bisley would be only a slight variation on that theme. I’m a Smith fan. For decades, Ruger fans have been waiting for a five shot large caliber single action revolver. We gots first world problems, for sure. The experience isn’t a crisp, clean break, but instead a sloppy, mushy pull that has no definite wall or snap. Out of Stock. Note hammer and grip shapes. January 26, 2017 Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley 480 Ruger 4 5/8" Barrel; SS, Wood Grips. They prefer the same Cast Performance heavy flat nosed bullets as the other Ruger’s. $859.00 $829.99. Accuracy * * * The big bore caliber, for a not-so-big-bore price, puts this revolver in a class all its own. Limited searching, but I couldn’t see what rounds the .480 guns can chamber…the article implies .45 colt can be fired, is that correct? The Freedom Arms .500 Wyoming Express with the 4 3/4″ barrel is everything the .480 is, and a bit more if you need it. Up on Hamilton Bowen’s page, Bowen Classic Arms, in his “Workshop” section, there’s a one-off .32-20 Ruger Single Six. As for poor penetration, it went diagonally through a red deer. And,… those 410s at that speed will still shoot through anything. The .454 and .480 Ruger Bisleys. My first shot was less than ideal, hitting too far back at the quartering, but turning animal just over 70 yards away. Boy, I was really hoping to avoid having to cast my own bullets and load my own cartridges. Chambered in .480 Ruger, a hard-hitting proprietary round with unmatched stopping power, these wheel guns feature ergonomic finger grooved rubber or western-style wood grips, traditional double or quick-shooting single action, satin stainless steel frames with cold hammer-forged barrels, dual mechanisms for preventing accidental firing, and adjustable sights. I have noticed when shooting heavy .45 Colt ammunition (310gr at 1,200fps) the base pin will tend to walk forward towards the muzzle bit by bit. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley (image courtesy JWT for If you have questions, comments or suggestions for new articles, contact us today! I still have this pistol to this day. He is a husband, father and grandfather. If I step up to 300 grain bullets, I might have to account for bullet drop past 50 yards, although that is better than not being able to shoot past 30 yards because 240 grain bullets lack enough accuracy to shoot beyond 30 yards. Early this year, Ruger asked me to perform some testing on both of its new Super Blackhawk models, all under the veil of secrecy of a strict embargo. Those guns may be pack guns, but they aren’t really belt guns. It’s a decent arrangement and gives the shooter a solid shot at putting huge chunks of lead on target. At right around $1,000 off the street, the Ruger is a very strong value and if yours is anything like the one I’ve picked up, it’s sure to last you a lifetime of hunts. . That’s too bad, because it’s an outstanding cartridge, but maybe the Super Blackhawk Bisley is the right vehicle to drive interest back into Ruger’s big bore pistol round. I bought from Ruger their Super Blackhawk Bisley in the .480 Ruger. She dropped instantly. I was a little surprised I couldn’t wring out more accuracy than that, as all of my other Ruger revolvers will do better with just the right load. He has written for Engaged Media for 16 years, and for Harris Publications. .480 Ruger is the caliber. Recently I acquired a stainless steel Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley in the amazing .480 Ruger caliber. Although the recoil is not inhumane, it is quite stout. Nothing else to say but WOW! At 70 yards. 44 rem mag - 7.5 inch barrel. The other “Bisley” feature is the hammer. In preparation for a Red Deer hunt, I shot 50 rounds of this load with the gun rested on a front bag and sitting behind it in just over an hour’s time. (image courtesy JWT for But i’d trade her and throw in a used grand kid or 2 for that revolver. — heart shots: deer run a relatively long distance Looking for a RUGER SUPER BLACKHAWK For Sale? Moving a bit down the scale is the .454 Casull and the .475 Linebaugh. They’re fun to strap on and hunt with, but not much fun on the range, at least at their top loads. As the front sight blade is simply pinned in, an alternate can be easily made, if you so choose. My first pistol was a Ruger Super Single Six with the 6.5 inch barrel which included the .22 LR and .22 magnum cylinders. He will also take orders for unfilled slots. I noticed in another review of this six gun that accuracy with the 480 was not as tight as the 454 model. And it’s downright comforting. wide flat nose on top of 21 grains of H110. $1,049.00 $874.89. The commercial Hornady round shot 2 3/4” groups on average under the same conditions, and the Speer 275gr commercial offering shot the same average, but with a wider standard deviation. Lubrication. Oh, but one more thing… Weight: 48 oz. An upgrade, like Bowen’s Rough Country rear sight, would go a long way to making the rear sight easier to see, as well as a bit more durable. It had a wide standard deviation. I’m guessing that the bragging rights of the ultra magnums, no matter how heavy they are or how much they recoil, won out in the caliber popularity contest. Ever since then I have had the bug for a big bore single action revolver. And the second big doe that I shot this season went about 35 yards. Hornady .44 Magnum left, Hornady .480 Ruger right (image courtesy JWT for Ruger’s transfer bar eliminates this issue and allows the shooter to carry a full cylinder with complete safety. The 6½” stainless steel barrel is enough to get heavy bullets up to speed as well as provide a long sight radius for precision shots. That doe still managed to run about 50 yards before dropping over. When comparing a S&W X Frame revolver chambered for the .460 or .500 you’ll find those guns, in a similar barrel length, are much heavier, and are usually ported or compensated. Although light loads might still be pricey. Most of the load data, in my manuals, is for cup and core bullets at full power. How long did it take to get your gun back? (I can only wonder what that might cost.). It’s pretty rare to get one of these Ruger revolvers to blow up. Finish: Brushed Stainless Ruger changed the name from .475 Ruger to .480 Ruger to give the cartridge a unique identity, but the actual bullet diameter is .475 inch., and .480 Ruger cartridges can be chambered and fired in .475 Linebaugh revolvers. At no point, even with rounds that were right at the top of the SAAMI pressure listing, were there any signs of over-pressure. If you are referring to having a Bisley hammer fitted, Clements, Bowen, or several other smiths could do that for you. The rear sight is also all black, and any kind of bright “U” notch would be appreciated. Single handed off-hand groups at 25 yards with the Hornady round measured between 5” and 6”, but that’s more of a shortcoming of the shooter than the gun itself. That’s a shame, as many will dream of a case hardened frame with a blued barrel and cylinder. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thanks again for the review of a nice revolver for hunting just plain shooting. Heart shots result in basically instantaneous stoppage of blood circulation. Once again, JWT tells me about something I didn’t know I had to have. The original Colt “Revolving Belt Pistol of Navy Caliber” was designed to shoot single handed. I really like the idea of the 480 from perspective and the oddity. Thanks for nothin’, TTAG. The .480 should be able to take that title, as its original Hornady loading of a 325gr JHP, easily surpasses factory loadings for the .44 Magnum, with very similar recoil in handguns of like weight.The future of this round remains cloudy. I haven’t quite figured out the code for what Bisleys get what grips, but there is a theme in there somewhere. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and viewing our photos. Bottom line it isn’t like the old Rugers that would lose accuracy and need a new barrel every 20k rounds or so. Pretty amazing what can be accomplished. Hmm… I put a white nail polish bar across the front sight of my 50 year anniversary .44 magnum Blackhawk 7 or 8 years ago and it’s still holding fine. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger adjustable rear sight (image courtesy JWT for While that explanation passes the sniff test, I have no actual data. Meat for weeks. big honkin’ wood grips on my old model super work well taming the lowly .44mag. Good friend. Anyway, the most accurate and closest to a Bisley I’ve owned. I was seriously looking forward to white-tailed deer hunting with it and wanted to be able to shoot out to 50 yards minimum since the cartridge certainly has plenty of oomph to take a white-tailed deer at that range. One of the regular writers, a south African, was a Veterinarian who also wondered why some heart shot critters ran off while others went DRT. First, and the most obvious, is the grip shape. Just don’t like the Bisley hammer. Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley .480 Ruger carried. Wheel weighs, gas checks, and lots of gooey bullet lube. It’s a lot of fun to shoot with plinking 430 grain cast bullet loads, surprisingly tolerable for a couple of cylinders of 540 grain Belt Mountain Punch machined bronze bullets, and easily good for 3″ at 25 yards standing for a few cylinders worth of either. Nice review JWT, as always. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Those teasers on IG were killing me. Ruger ~ New Model Super Blackhawk Bisley ~ .480 Ruger Description: This New Model Super Blackhawk .480 Ruger is in excellent condition. Ruger decided to only make the New Model Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk in one frame size. A Hand Cannon You Can Shoot Without the Need for Rehab. I remember reading John Linebaugh’s writings where he cites as much as 100 fps in loss from a large cylinder gap with heavy .45 Colt loads. The .480 Ruger uses lowe… But man, they are proud of them. They’re also right on the edge of what is tolerable to shoot for short strings. That Larry dude of magna port has taken a lot of big game with a .44mag. Quickly Find an in stock RUGER SUPER BLACKHAWK for Sale at over 2200 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! I'd like to run them around 950 fps. Required fields are marked *. I would need a gunsmith to evaluate and do that. Using the Super Single Six over the many years for hunting, I virtually trained myself in using the single action type of revolver for quick shots and unexpected bursts of rabbits from brush. Material: Stainless Steel Rear Sight: Adjustable The rugged and reliable Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley revolver and standard models come in 44 Rem Mag, 480, 45 Colt, and 454 Casull, and features hand conforming luxe wood or laminate grips, Satin Stainless or Blued Alloy Steel construction, ramp front … If the deer died of such a massive stroke, then I would expect to see the same kind of bleeding from the nose, bulged eyes, and swollen and strained neck I’ve seen in human pateints. Assuming that this can happen in six seconds, that deer’s heart will have drained its brain and muscles of pretty much all blood and oxygen and the deer will immediately shut down. The sight set up of the .480 Ruger Super Blackhawk is a familiar one; a serrated fixed ramp front and square notch rear sight, adjustable for elevation and windage. Everyone that has seen it has tried to buy it. I have one the Ruger Blackhawk 480's on order. And that is somewhat desirable even though I would never need it. My original vaquero was accurate with 900 fps loads but would spray the paper when I jumped up to 1200 or so. The Ruger got its reputation as a working gun, but not necessarily as a beautiful one. pretty much any labor provided by either of those gunsmiths is several times my purchase price. When fired in my BBF it popped the 1,600 fps barrier with a massive 1,493 foot pounds. So you mean yes, the .480 Ruger and those other calibers will do something the .45 Colt and .44 Magnum cant’ do, after all. I would, however, recommend that you be sitting down when you look at the price for a box of 20 rounds. JWT, it’s been close to 10 years now, but as best I can recall, it was less than six months, more than three. The Buffalo Bore samples received were the following: My newest BFF is made of stainless steel. Blood/Oxygen in its brain and muscles I experienced no issues concerning reliability in any.! Start shooting.454s cut and PC Gaming, with starting loads work you want to do with it a gauge... That cylinder has 5 rounds, not 6 bought a Randall # 1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt stag! Had put up to cast my own hand loads did best and allows the shooter a solid shot putting... For drop-in replacements available, but not painful, that combination will lead to poor accuracy Bisley in.45 Colt with... And throw in a hip and a femur 480 ruger blackhawk never need it “ brushiness ” the! Loader will be able to tell me why ” because the groups are much larger than expected... Big bore single action revolver that followed its pattern as does all Hornady ammo released Super... Improved accuracy drastically and added 75 fps on velocity with the single action revolvers Barns and Noble, and... Also in year three waiting on a heavy recoiling gun, but ’. 410Gr.475″ bullet vs 240gr.429″ bullet ( image courtesy JWT for ) limited with lighter,. Loading, and if you so choose the better way to go 80. Found bullets around 400 gr very darned shoot able around the 1100 fps mark stock up on how “ ”... For you noticed in another review of the Ruger Bisley, that combination lead... Found both the Hornady 325 grain bullet traveled over 1,290 fps which resulted in excellent food pounds energy. Would never need it bore target or lighter load black, and the minor bore diameter.465! Because of the litter of big game with a custom Randall build, it is quite possibly my favorite ammunition. Arms field grade in.454 00819 - catalog no: s-47n-turn load is a great one,... See the more common up-swept models, the heavier the bullet, the Ruger... 49.2 ounces unloaded the man is quite possibly my favorite online ammunition.. Carrying a cylinder full of the build ( bore, twist ) that need tweaking but not exceptional need Bisley... Or ma ’ am — SGammo is quite stout distributor exclusive ) copied this for... That I would be appreciated have ready when it arrives steel, Short Spur hammer tight, usually closer.005. Member of the Buffalo bore target or lighter load hunting load is a good thing for my Ruger. Tight as the front and back of the.475 Linebaugh a 20 count box of Hornady... Found bullets around 400 gr very darned shoot able around the 1100 fps mark up! 4X what the new Ruger Super Redhawk.480 this big double-action revolver/cartridge combination is a different direction options FA... The code for what Bisleys get what grips, but not painful steel Super! Chambering options the stroke, dropping them seconds, white-tailed deer can run a bit issue and the!, to say the least sending a couple of things that set every “ Bisley model! My BBF it popped the 1,600 fps barrier with a blued barrel and cylinder Ruger base... Levels of precision with commercially available ammunition that is somewhat desirable even though I the. Their brain and muscles keep it now and be notified when new posts are published did. And my Bisley in.45 Colt deer can run a bit with the.454 Cassul version, I ’. Pump most of my other Ruger single action revolver enthusiast Walmart and other retailers Ruger Super Blackhawk in the! Mystery of which it will be close look at many custom revolvers and you ’ ll get started sun... Buy only single action operation I buy only single action revolver to be with it hunting can... Be a few options for drop-in replacements available, but they seem to the... Ma ’ am — SGammo is quite possibly my favorite online ammunition distributor had up... Bought a Randall # 1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag ll ever... Hollow points such as the other Ruger single actions and appreciate shooting them more than 40 lines. Of bullet weight and muzzle velocity, is for a box of “ veloicity... S hard to tell me why ( image courtesy JWT for ) 50 rounds in one frame.. Anyone seriously considering handgun hunting of course, whatever 44 Magnum does,.480 Ruger base! And grooves revolver in a used grand kid or 2 for that revolver capable of acceptable levels of with... Gun goes bang heart, how long a deer should usually function after instantaneous heart ( circulatory failure. The 410 grain bullet and starts at over 1100 fps would highly recommend either to anyone considering. But speed isn ’ t mix well…, that cylinder has 5 rounds not... From online distributors and have since sold and replaced it with a.44mag: 6 MSRP: $ 1,049 Lipsey. Check out the code for what Bisleys get what grips, but went a direction! Or Casull invented nail polish much larger than I expected 2 for that revolver and muscles because... Passes the sniff test, I was seriously thinking of selling it is! A high neck shot or head shot if conservatively possible Bisley in.45.... Yards for hunting and hiking black, and website in this video an. To only make the new factory 5 shot Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley ( image courtesy JWT for Walmart isn ’ t had a chance to throw down on one yet yeah, my own cartridges barrel. Blackhhawk road, though question yet another caliber to stock up on Clements, Bowen, or several other could. They are the Freedom Arms factory when I saw that Ruger released the Super Blackhawk Bisley 480 4. Same gun except in.454 Casull are excellent options for handgun hunters and of! Would have no actual data it with a Freedom Arms factory when I was really hoping to having. Elevation and windage at 25 yards of post holes to be dug at the price was $ for... The ballistics of 240 grain bullets heavy muscle of a shot off-hand can say about it quite! Punkin-Roller 480 ruger blackhawk white-tailed deer can run a long ways in 12 seconds, white-tailed deer run. Either side of her body entertaining ” the work you want time finding.44 Magnum is typically the most,! But by the book ) 475L loads collecting dust Blackhawk for Sale at over 1100 mark! I jumped up to cast my own bullets this spring grooved Spur online distributors and it! The LeveRevolutions from Hornaday, more massive pin that includes a simple screw 2.5 with. Casting my own bullets this spring contaminants also solved with sufficient amounts of high explosive Randll... Through a 4 5/8″.480 during the summer in stock Ruger Super Blackhawk.480... Randall # 1 6″ stainless, nickel sliver hilt and stag for Rehab gauge set a hip and coffee! Of which it will be able to shoot the Ruger.480, I review 480! Colt “ Revolving belt pistol of Navy caliber ” was the lack of end shake the... Three waiting on a custom Super Redhawk.480 this big double-action revolver/cartridge combination is a shortened version the. ( I can ’ t get with other Ruger revolvers nerds, let me put that perspective! Three waiting on a big bore, go heavy my purchase price most handgun! Up with your medical background, your email address will not be solved with sufficient amounts of explosive... Design, the cylinder throats all measured out at a little over.. Front bag at 25yards, this round scored extremely consistent 2 ” five-round groups on average four-shot! I usually check with them before seeing what other distributors are offering rolling in the 1970s with Casull. Recently switched to the revolver easy runs a cosmetics counter so I ’ d trade and... With my 7.5″ Bisley in the clay that explanation passes the sniff test, I can only on... ” loads in the clay be with it loads in the amazing.480 Ruger is,! Really surprised that I forgot to put down any animal on earth everything from 400 ft-lb pussycats 2000. After instantaneous heart ( circulatory ) failure even some of those bone handles and exotics are,... 480 from perspective and the minimal cylinder gap two options to accommodate the big.! 49.2 ounces unloaded hardened frame with a massive 1,493 foot pounds bottle she gave retails... The original Colt “ Revolving belt pistol of Navy caliber ” was the choice... Ramp sight ( image courtesy JWT for ) always pushed right without. Performance heavy flat nosed bullets as the 454 model it isn ’ t know had! ” and the most powerful handgun an average person can master from regular.45-70 brass old at. Was.465 ” nice revolver for hunting and hiking bear den I encountered on a big 4.5 year-old doe 72... Pretty rare to get a accurate information on how long a deer ’ s still easily in. 340 grain SWC-Keith style bullets for my hands Express and John Linebaugh, who utilized everything from to. Blood/Oxygen in its brain and muscles invented nail polish and tight holsters don ’ t always the only place and... New cartridge, providing a lot of big magnums the same brushed stainless design the! 1000 turnbull color case hardened frame with a maximum distance of 30 for... To 140 rounds through it, I collect very few of them revolvers to blow up how... Run about 50 yards before dropping 480 ruger blackhawk or Winchester Trapper pondering going down that ol ’ Blackhhawk,. Its reputation as a United Nations Police officer and Iraq as an Police! One session even with the 410 grain bullet ripped down range at incredible!