Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher, one of the three greatest figures of the ancient period of Western philosophy (the others were Plato and Aristotle), who lived in Athens in the 5th century BCE.A legendary figure even in his own time, he was admired by his followers for his integrity, his self-mastery, his profound philosophical insight, and his great argumentative skill. Replies. The origins of Byzantium are shrouded in legend. Olympia greece post your country s ancient flags hydra munility greece flag emblem symbol two headed eagle megara political of greek city Megara City State Flag Ancient Greece FactsBy Sarah Pj And AlonAnjou Traditional Province FranceStemmersrunmslibrary Flags Greeks And Olympic STruce Flags 1849 1852 Schleswig Holstein GermanyStemmersrunmslibrary Flags Greeks And … Ancient Greece Megara City State. Brief overview of Megara from Mr. Donn's website. In Greek mythology, Nisaea was founded by one of Pandion II's sons, Nisos, who named the region given to him by his father Nisaea, after himself. yeahh! Reply Delete. For the first time the city struck its own silver coin with symbols Apollo's head and a lyre. Megara as an independant City-State Early on in its history, Megara was a neighbor of Corinth, another city-state in ancient times. A greek city state who focused on art, literature and architecture, had democratic government and a jury; constantly at war with Sparta; modern day capital Sparta Greek city-state that was ruled by an oligarchy, focused on military, used slaves for agriculture, discouraged the arts Megara was a dependent territory of Cornith, meaning that they did not posses complete political independence nor complete authority over their geographic area. Control of Nisaea slipped back and forth between Athens and Megara both before and during the Peloponessian War. Hope you enjoy :) megara city-state flag The Political History of a City-State to 336 B.C., Ithaca 1981); and, on Theognis, Gregory Nagy’s and my Theognis of Megara. Aili May 23, 2018 at 8:33 AM. Here is our presentation on Megara, a famous Greek city-state in ancient times. Reply. Go Megara! Developed in the 8th century B.C., the sanctuary was home to the Oracle of Delphi Testimonianze e frammenti (Pisa 1975) on local historiography; Ronald Legon’s scholarship (e.g., Megara. Wikipedia entry on the city of Megara. Reply Delete. Replies. We're a well respected city-state! go! Nisaea or Nisaia (Ancient Greek: Νίσαια or Νισαία) was the Saronic port town of the ancient polis Megara. Posted by Megara at 6:02 AM. Go Megara! Too much YEAH but this is fun. Megara. Ancient Greek City-State of Megara. Go! go! 16 comments: Eos Megara April 3, 2017 at 9:15 AM. Along with the great building activity, public places and sanctuaries were embellished with works by the the great sculptors of the period, as well as the philosopers Eucleides and Stilpon of the Philosophical School of Megara, were active at this time. megara city-state flag. Located on the isthmus which connects mainland Greece with the Peloponnese, surrounded by fertile plains and blessed with natural springs, Corinth was an important city in Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman times. I LOVE IT. Poetry and the Polis (Baltimore 1985). Symbols: Lyre, laurel wreath, … Reply. Delphi was an ancient religious sanctuary dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Woooo! Traditional legend says Byzas from Megara (a city-state near Athens) founded Byzantium in 667 BC when he sailed northeast across the Aegean Sea.The tradition tells that Byzas, son of King Nisos (Νίσος), planned to found a colony of the Dorian Greek city of Megara. Megara rocks! yeah! Go Megara!