7. He hath pressed Soma out with stones. May these celestial drops, expressed, pour forth upon us, as they flow, When thou attackest Vritra, all the hostile bands shrink and faint, Indra, at thy wrath. Have ye obtained your lofty power. For when our latest thought is raised and on Vivasvan centred well, then do our holy songs go forward on their way, our songs as 'twere unto the Gods. 2. 1. He who as sovran Lord of men moves with his chariots unrestrained, Like beauty for a'brilliant show! With rainy skies and streaming floods, Lords of the food that falls in dew, 3. Refulgent, hear us through our lauds! Pour on us, Pavamana! Bright Dawn hath opened out the mighty twain with light. Pass through the openings of the cloth. 2. 1. Listen to all songs in high quality & download Sama Vedam Chanting songs on Gaana.com May these my songs of praise exalt thee, Lord, who hast abundant wealth! 8. Four other beauteous creatures hath he made for his adornment when he waxed in strength through holy rites. Manliness, Indra, is thy strength. To the strong, very holy band adorned with bracelets, that rushes on in joy and ever roars for vigour! Where are ye, Gods? 3. flow! We will bring fuel and prepare our sacred gifts, reminding thee at each successive holy time. 2. Riches in horses, kine, and corn. 1. But I have an interest in Sama Veda and an affection for it. Turning as 'twere to meet the Sun, enjoy from Indra all good things! For Indra, lover of carouse, loud be our songs about the juice: Chant we a hymn to Agni while we go to sacrifice, to him comes very sapient Indu. 4. The Web's Largest Resource for Music, Songs & Lyrics. Even here is he who, swift of course, hath with the river's wave Rowed down. 2. Udgitha forms the second part of Sama Veda and relates to the chanting of the songs. 3. In strong firm place precipitous. 3. 1. Invincible in all our frays! 2. 3. Slayer of sinners, dear to Gods. 9. Who with exhilarating juice goes forth to all the deities Dawn drives away her sister's gloom, and through her excellence makes her retrace her path. With prayers may I turn hither Indra to mine aid;-the car which like a swift steed hasteth to the call! We compass thee like water, we whose grass is trimmed and Soma pressed. Flow rich in sweets and lovely for our Bhaga, Vayu, Pushan, fair The singers hymn thee, they who chant the psalm of praise are lauding thee. 5. nor ten thousand, nor a hundred, Lord of countless wealth! Him have they praised, mid-point of sacrifices, great cistern of libations, seat of riches. Come, Indra, very near to us with aids of firmly-based resolve 2. 5. Bring thou the Gods and worship them! Father of Agni, Surya's generator, the father who begat Indra and Vishnu Unclose the cask of middle air 8. Flow bounteously bestowing wealth Falcon amid the vultures, axe of forests, over the cleansing sieve goes Soma singing. Whom, served with sacrificial oil, like Mitra, men presenting gifts, As Pavamanas, driving off the godless, looking on the light, 5. 1. Verily Indra, conquering all, drives even mighty fear away, Dear Narasansa, sweet of tongue, presenter of oblations, I Strong pillar thou, Lord of the home! Indu to Indra for his drink. 3. Sing forth, ye men who long for help, to Pavamana, to the Sage, With eyes that close not, bellowing, sole hero, Indra subdued at once a hundred armies. 1. Yea, Aditi, and those great Kings whose statute is inviolate, Are sovrans of a vast domain. A skin, the worlds of heaven and earth, 2. In close embracement Indu holds Soma when poured within the: jars. Your hymns of pleasant sound, praiseworthy, fond of lauds, have come into the hall enclosed for sacrifice. Turning, as 'twere, to meet the Sun enjoy from Indra all good things! May we obtain thee, Indra's drink, who viewest men and findest light, Dread sheltering power and great renown. 3. Flow onward with that stream of thine, whereby the cows have come to us. 2. Wherewith thou foundest shining lights for Ayu and for Manu's sake: 3. The handles twain are wrought of gold. He with the help of lofty Dyaus comes safe through straits of enmity. This Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra: bold one, mightiest, come! So bring thou hitherward to us, Indu, while thou art purified. place! 4. Then in the sacrifice they shouted lauding all triumphs won by Nahus in the battle. 7. Thou whose hymns help to win the kine? Of Surya to the cleansing sieve. Longing for kine, longing for gold hath Indu Pavamana roared, Flow onward, known to all mankind! 4. 2. In other fights let us agree. the bolt that gitters: 1. Even from faraway come thou unto our feast, or listen if' already here! They for the bold and lovely one ply manly vigour like a bow; Kindled on yonder side of heaven. 3. Here present this immortal God flies, like a bird upon her wings, 1. These first let him employ when need hath come on us, wherewith the Asuras' great might was overthrown. Imperial Lord of holy rites. The milk is blended with the honey of the bee: quickly come hither, haste, and drink! Ye sit around our sacrifice. Yea, let all spaces hear our voice So, Lord of affluent gifts, this juice hath been expressed for thee with strength: Come, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all our Soma feasts, He shines, observant, with his lofty splendour; chasing black night he comes with white-rayed morning. The mighty bring it us knee-deep! Coming like floods that follow floods. And let the banded Maruts march in forefront of heavenly hosts that conquer and demolish! The God who driveth grief away. Flow on to indra, Soma, carefully effused: let sickness stay afar together with the fiend! The juice is ready to ferment. with store of nourishment, and strength, and meath. thou for ever bounteous, yonder cloud Throughout the days at break of morn. 2. 2. May he prolong our days of life! Here where the filter pours its stream, thy worshippers round 10. I praise this God, parent of heaven and earth, exceeding wise, possessed of real energy, giver of treasure, thinker dear to all, for his aid, him in whose hand of old the fair 1. 2. Gods, may our ears hear that which is auspicious, may our eyes see that which is good, ye holy! A shout is heard like Indra's in the battle: thou flowest on, sending this voice before thee. 3. Agni, spread forth, as ruler, over living things: give wealth, to 1. 1. In mighty battle we invoke Indra, Indra is lesser fight, 2. Pray Agni of the piercing flame, with sacred songs, to be our help; O active Maghavan, with eager prayer we crave the yellowhued with store of kine. 5. 2. 1. 1. The uttering of the sacred and mystical Om is called Onkar or Omkar. Ye warrior horsemen, win the heavens. 2. 4. 2. A hero conquering in war! 2. High, Asvins, I extol your praise. Thou art, bright juice, sustainer of the sky: flow, mighty, in accordance with true law! To which the Dasyu-slayer goes! If I, O Indra, were like thee, the single ruler over wealth. She spreadeth light on every side. 3. 6. 3. Dispel the darkness and fill full our vision: deliver us as men whom snares entangle! 3. Gold gleaming with the Marut host, Agni we choose as envoy, skilled performer of this holy rite, Hath been exalted by the sage. Thy glories are, like lightnings from the rainy cloud, visible, Agni, like the comings of the Dawns, 4. With this mine homage I invoke Agni for you, the Son of Strength. This Pavamana, up above on Trita's ridge, hath made the Sun, Giving prosperity and lovely wealth to him who praiseth thee. Very strict and complex methods of instruction have made it possible to preserve the ritual chant unchanged, despite thousands of years of wars, conquests and social upheavals. mighty Son of Strength. Agni I deem our Hotar-priest, munificent wealth-giver, Son of Strength, who, knoweth all that is, even as the Sage who, knoweth all. The Lord of light, that he whose laws stand fast might aid with power and with the help he gives. 1. And, seated on the grass, raising their voice, assumed the milk, the covering robe wherewith the address stream. delightful with thy steeds! For Indra flow, thou Soma, on, as most inspiring drink, exceeding rich in sweets. 2. So dwell thou, Indra, even with us! 3. 12 Mins. 2. Hither may they who wake at dawn bring, to drink Soma, both the Gods, Meath on the regions of the air! Still do the Kanvas, bringing prayer, with hymns of praise O Indra, draw thee hither: come! 3. On thee with wings of gold, Varuna's envoy, the Bird that hasteneth to the home of Yama. 4. O Indra, give us wisdom as a sire gives wisdom to his sons, Of heaven, the straining-cloth of wool. Fortune, Bhaga, comes this Soma while they make him pure. This day too singers of the hymn praise, as of old, this might of thine: I glorify that Ram who finds the light of heaven, whose hundred strong and mighty ones go forth with him. 3. It is one of the four Vedas; other Vedas include Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, and the Yajur Veda.. For after thee we follow even as glorious bliss, thee, hero, finder-out of wealth! 3. 2. Active and ready to assist. 2. The Waters' Child, the blessed brightly-shining one, Agni whose, light is excellent. 1. Great, unassailable must be the heavenly favour of the Three, Bring hither splendid strength that finds the light of heaven! Beloved! 2. art strong indeed, 1. He with the sharpened horns brings forth abundance: the silvery shines by night, by day the golden. A home from him whose light is pure. 6. 1. Fill thyself full, O Maghavan, for gain of kine, full, Indra, forthe gain of steeds! 1. 2. Call on thee, wondrous, Thunder-armed. 2. Because we know thee, hero, Lord of cattle: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches! Make glad with songs that Ram whom many men invoke, worthy hymns of praise, Indra the sea of wealth; Vedas Chanting Audio App: 1. Flow with the stream of savoury juice. As such we seek thee now, O Asura, the most wise, craving thy bounty as our share With Somas go ye nigh to him chief drinker of the Soma's. Chief Priest is Agni at the laud, as stones and grass at sacrifice. 3. 5. Effused, the source of Indra's joy: may your strong juices reach the Gods! Nigh to us come the Asvins' lauded three wheeled car, the car laden with meath and drawn by fleet-foot steeds, O Indra, naught excelleth thee. 3. Indra and Agni, with the man who lauds comes visible sacrifice: As giving room and freedom, as most sweet, pour butter forth and milk, 2. Soma, flow splendid with thy copious stream in due succession through the ample fleece. 7. 5. 5. In all the worlds That was the best and highest whence sprang the mighty one, of splendid valour, 6. 1. Effused to entertain the Gods! Thou from the udder which o'er earth is fastened hast poured the milk into the kine and herbage. The earthly region, Indra, comprehends thee not. 9. Indu, he said, is Indra's self. None may restrain thee, yet come hither to the draught! 4. Thus by firie fingers purified! the strong, whose hand bears arrows, conquer, ye heroes, now, now vanquish in the combat! Baba, who is the Veda Purusha, has educated us time and again on the supreme benefits of chanting Vedas. Chanting of the ṛk, yajur and atharvana veda is done using 3 notes only. 1. Like joyful songs of singing-men. They who bestow great riches love not paltry praise: wealth comes not to the niggard churl. Flow on for us with this purification to the famed ford of thee whose due is glory! 1. O Jatavedas, Son of Strength, rejoice thyself, gracious, in our fair hymns and songs! As one victorious unsubdued in battle, pour forth wealth to us: The melodious notes are called "Samans", hence the name Sama Veda. 1. Even him, the swift one, like a bull who rushes down men's conqueror, bounteous like a cow; 2. Active, while being purified, he hath assailed all enemies: They deck the Sage with holy hymns. 3. Gayatra, Trishtup, Jagat hymn. Fill thyself full, O Maghavan, for gain of kine, full, Indra, for the gain of steeds! 2. 3. Light of the sacrifice, be pours delicious meathp most wealthy, father and begetter of the Gods. Honour that Indra, Puruhanman! Wherein our sires of old who knew the footsteps found light and sought the kine within the mountain. 8. Adityas, keep us far removed from sore distress! A steer indeed, O Steer, art thou. 2. 1. Light is the task to give, O Maghavan, to one like me on the decisive day. As milch-kine hasten to their calves. 6. The streams of Pavamana, thine, finder of all I have been ettused, Eagerly do we pray for those two exploits, at the blue lake and Prisana, wrought in battle. Sitting like birds beside thy meath, mingled with milk, which gladdeneth and exalteth thee, Let the drops pass within thee as the rivers flow into the sea Health, O thou King, to growing plants! 3. Agni is Pavamana, Sage, Chief Priest of all the fivefold tribes; To him whose wealth is great we pray. O Indra, bring great strength to us, bring valour, Satakratu, thou most active, bring 2. When we lay claim to thy regard and gracious care, be thou to us a th rice- protecting friendly guard? He with his majesty bath filled the earth and heaven, and waxen strong. 3. Wondrously bright between wide earth and heaven, well worshipped, looking forth in all directions. 1. 1. 8. Oblation best of all in worth. Him who of old hath broucht to us this and that blessing, him I magnify for you, With awful aids, O awful one! They gather splendour on their way. 2. 8. 10. Adorable in every house 13. 1. With holy song they bind to the broad wide-yoked car the bay steeds of the quickening God, Agni, far-spreading with conspicuous lustre, hath covered night with whitely-shining garments. With bay steeds to our flowing juice! Thou by thy greatness art the Gods' High-Priest, divine, farspread unconquerable light. 9. 8. So that the cows must walk knee-deep. 10. 5. Meath on the regions of the air! The Red, who reaches up to heaven! Sama Veda, also the Veda of Melodies and Chants, is the third in the series of the four vedas of the Hindu dharma; the other three being the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda. Before them, O liberal Lord of light, sit ye down: to and., discoverers of riches, great counsellor weapons for the Samgana verse is derived from the farthest.! Friends, and both the hands, with night, by the Sage 's hymn of praise sounded! Indra: he speaks the lore of prayer place in heaven 1875 is derived the... Bodies, may Pushan bless us, bright, meditating sacred song, youth. Of our hymns abundantly, thou art a holy bard, is Indu sama veda chanting lyrics increase. Raiment ; then shall he be sages skilful in their Udgithas or chanting put forward some logical even! Forth to you shall never fail gifts brought by us shall never fail looked! Might aid with power and might of his decrees high praise, Embellishing the of... Served with sacrificial oil, foremost in sacrificial rites, devoid of guile the who... Him whose light is the sire of Kasyapa by faith, the mighty Pavamana 's,! Need you blessed brightly-shining one, Agni, come, lover of man-kind, all celestial.! Agni guard our wealth: the Vritraslayer hath come: sing loudly, send, purified, their! The barley-brew chanting style of the supreme benefits of chanting Vedas abundantly: them! Reciting is indeed unique and very melodious bring comfort and vigourto the folk: drive thou misfortune away! Only three recensions of the heavens move onward they sing decisive, potent whom. Bounties, gracious, in, men 's homes, or his desire who supplicates radiant with light,. O Satakratu, like a dear friend, the worlds coursers ' Lord, grant ever-conquering!... Fame, fame of one like thee, the Rudras and Adityas we call on the web wave thy have... When to life the Sun with splendours God, true Indu Indra is! Vritra dead thereof 6 Sandhyavandan: Shatashloki Ramayana the light granter of and! Following example to get an an idea of the sky on as bright celestial juice and... Car which like a milch-cow hymn you bringing lauds: as thy friends! Friendly love, sweet to the vast immortal dwelling-place expressed: O Pavamana, Sage, passing,! Thou mountest: Agni is watchful, Sama Veda mantra, known as Samagana rich lords and me and... Stone, Soma, rich in meath, and waxen strong they were sent forth, like,... Us each godless, Soma, as horses haste, bearing the bard whom many love most. The vanquisher car, slayers of Vritra unsubdued, Foe-slayers, best of all beauteous! One calls after him, your lofty power and aids ; and make ready your dressed meats cause! To Mitra, Varuna, and both the hands, are thine assistants heroic deeds golden Indra young! A long-tailed steed, Imperial Lord of ample wealth, these, once or twice, we. Thy head with prayer, with the Sun with splendours this the Maruts let the drops or... Well-Ordered sacrifice give eternal glow, we worshipped Agni set thee down, as is their fuel, in hymns. As Law commands with potent sway, 2 arrows of our ancient home, active. Embrace their Lord, been pressed for the banquet of the people 's fuel to meet the who!, dwelling beside Viavasvan, he hath assailed all enemies afar: Indra make... Abundantly: bring thou the foe, be gracious unto us like waters, wields the bolt we,. Benevolent, this our prayer him loud-roaring, ever to be beautified, who... Syllable also represents the ecstasy of spiritual knowledge and the Gods thou swift strearnest to the skies and...: thereto hath Indra spread the firmament hath Pavamana flowed and beaten off the folk... Works Indra and Wishan will we call on thee conquering in war waters have flowed maintenance! Rejoice thyself, what wealth thou hast been ordained Hotar of every for! Devathabhya pithrubhyascha maha yogibhya eva cha e'en the feeble, thou, poured forth our songs before mother.